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Boy Kiran: Oxymoron

June 30, 2009

Was it truly that cold in the American Morning studio today? As soon as the author saw AM co-host Kiran Chetry in her wide-shouldered, pin-striped, and charcoal-colored coat, he immediately thought that an ice-cold Kiran had commandeered her co-anchor John Robert’s garment.

Were that it so! Instead the producers had given Kiran an old school feminist make-over. In addition to theĀ  “man power” coat, they had provided Kiran with a dour dark gray mid-knee skirt. Nevertheless, in order to give her a more “feminine” touch, they gave her a Laura-Ashley approved yellow print blouse and open-toed heels. It was as if John Ashcroft were fashion consultant for the day.

Sorry, AM but “that dog won’t hunt!” You can take Kiran out of Fox but you can’t take the fox out of Kiran!

Another AM Cover-up [Mea culpa!]

July 24, 2008

[Mea culpa! See, infra, Tom B’s comment setting me straight and my chastened response.]

For the second time in three days, American Morning producers have done a mid-show cover-up of Kiran. In the second half of the first hour, they did a John Ashcroft-like veiling of her golden globes and today at approximately the same time they cloaked her knees. In an ingenius attempt at subterfuge, they gave Kiran a skirt which was similarly colored khaki but longer in length (from @ 3 in. above the knee to over it) and with a slit in the back.

Does CNN expect a more conservative demographic at 6:30 ET to tune in? Jazz it up, Janelle! Just because you are competing against an Alisyn Camerota-free Fox & Friends doesn’t mean you can let up. Your AM audience is watching!