Juliet’s Lam to London

Tonight Juliet Huddy, former co-host of FOX’s Morning Show with Mike & Juliet, leaves her personal and professional problems behind in the States and seeks solace across the Pond with her BFF Julie Roginsky (a Democratic consultant and FNC political contributor). After announcing the end of her five-month marriage to Doug Barrett on the KiddShow.com Tuesday of last week and concluding her long professional relationship with Mike Jerrick as they did their final show together last Friday,* Juliet should get some desperately needed “r&r” in London with her proclaimed “savior.”** Apparently, fine food and potent potations are very much on the menu with Juliet’s soliciting suggestions from her Twitter followers “for great restaurants/bars/lounges.”**

Perhaps, the apparent acrimony between her & her hubby*** will abate as, hopefully, “distance makes the heart grow fonder.”




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3 Responses to “Juliet’s Lam to London”

  1. M. Davey Says:

    Missed Juliet on her last appearance. Sorry she’s going to London. However, Juliet is always bummed about something, but still remains perky. How does she do that?

    I really got on here to see why no one has mentioned Courtney on F&F Weekend today. I missed the whole program yesterday and should’ve missed today. That girl just does not improve. She always reads a story like there’s some big excitement coming up. And she said to Father Jonathan, “So, refresh us on why priests don’t get married”. She could’ve kept quiet.

    I have come a long way from when I thought Dave and Clayton wouldn’t make it. They were very nice to Courtney and tried to just keep on talking after her stuff, but I could tell they were nervous. She made them look like seasoned pros.

    Courtney is the cutest girl, but her delivery hasn’t gotten any better in over a year and she still structures her speech like the valley girl of the movies. It’s just unbearable. It’s somewhat better on a weekend show, but I just think she should try something else besides the news business.
    I doubt she could act, because she can’t read the news in a believable way, but maybe she could just model or something.

  2. jakeho Says:

    M. Davey, you are right that I did not directly address Courtney’s appearance other than a mention in Carpe Diem’s “Dave Tears Up.” As to FNC’s Barbie, she may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but her “out there” comments tend to amuse if nothing else. Juliet is out of the country and Ainsley was probably unavailable.

  3. M. Davey Says:

    Thanks! I often forget to go directly to Carpe Diem and just have the blog in my favorites. I need to pay attention. I have no business calling Courtney dull, when I can’t look for info in more than one website. Ugh!

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