“Mama’s Boy” Briggs

Dave Briggs is a “mama’s boy”! Is the author insulting the Fox & Friends Weekend co-host? No. Rather, sports guy Dave himself, evidencing that he is not a Chauvinist, * dubbed himself the very appellation with which schoolyard bullies often peg their weaker breathren.

After co-anchor Alisyn Camerota reported a study that indicated that sisters make their brothers “more grounded, more emotionally healthy…[and] more physically healthy,” Dave declared, “I think that the sensitivity thing has to do with your relationship with your mom more so than a sister. He elaborated, “I’m a bit sensitive and it was because of the mom relationship there: Mama’s boy!”

Dave: “mama’s boy” and romantic family man.** All around good guy. Now if PETA can just help him not want to punt Brandi’s cat!***





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