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Brandi Briggs Delivers: Dave’s New “Valentine”

February 15, 2012

Logan: “Isn’t she lovely?” Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Dave Briggs and his wife Brandi welcomed their newest daughter, Logan Briggs, to their family yesterday, Valentine’s Day. To the tune of Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely?” this morning, F&F co-anchor Brian Kilmeade announced the birth of Logan as producers aired the “Shot of the Day,” a lovely sleeping Logan wearing a cute pink hoodie and swaddled in a cozy baby blanket. Dave and Brandi’s literal bundle of love weighed 6 lbs. 11 oz. Logan is the youngest of three: her sibs include older sister Emerson and big brother William. Her doting dad dubbed her “my Valentine.”

Dave, remember that bottle of Dom that you “promised” on F&FW Sunday to give Brandi if she had it on Valentine’s Day: she certainly deserves it. Congratulations, Dave and Brandi!

[Author’s aside: Yesterday, Dave gave his Twitter followers the real scoop, Tweeting, “Briggs boys are officially outnumbered! Baby Logan is my Valentine, 6 lbs-11 ounces, 20.5 inches.”%5D

*Fox & Friends – 02/15/12 (@ 6:31 a.m. ET)

Update: Dave revealed Logan’s middle name on F&FW this morning (February 19): it is Pauline. F&FW – 02/19/12 (@ 6:03 a.m. ET)

Update 2: Carpe Diem correction. Even though Dave announced the birth of Logan in a Valentine Day Tweet and called her his Valentine, she was actually born a day earlier. After the “Shot of the Day,” actually multiple pics of Dave’s newborn, Juliet queried, “She was born the day before Valentine’s Day, wasn’t she?” Dave answered, “She was born on Monday. Yeah, we almost had a Valentine baby.” F&FW – 02/19/12 (@ 7:33 a.m. ET)

Brandi’s Due Date

January 7, 2012

Hubby Dave Briggs brags, “I’m next!” This morning, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Dave Briggs played the proud papa of three: two here now and one well on the way.

As F&FW began this morning, co-anchor Clayton Morris urged the camera to close in on Dave’s cuff links. When it did, Dave delightedly displayed the present that his wife Brandi–or, as he said with finger quotes, his kids–had given him. On his left cuff was a photo of his six-year-old daughter Emerson and on his right was a pic of his younger son William. As usual, Dave was wearing his heart on his sleeve–but, this time, literally.

Just an hour and half later, Dave announced the due date of his “3rd in the oven” of his beautiful wife Brandi. After F&FW producers aired a pic of an FNC colleague holding a newborn child in a hospital, Dave animatedly announced, “I’m next! Mid-February! Well, my wife, not me.”*

A Valentine’s gift? Too sweet. Congratulations again, Dave and Brandi!

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 01/07/12 (@ 7:31 a.m. ET)

Dave: Brandi’s “3rd in the Oven!”

September 4, 2011

“Brandi, you’re a fine [chef], what a good wife”! Thursday Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs joyfully announced that he and his wife Brandi are having their third child. Subtly prefacing his revelation, Dave Tweeted, “I’m a proud daddy, my daughter just boarded the school bus for the first time!” As if it were a mere afterthought, the proud papa proclaimed, “Maybe a good time to announce we have a 3rd in the oven!”

Dave and Brandi have been married eight years (as of August 2). They are the proud parents of six-year-old daughter Emerson and younger brother William. As to their “3rd in the oven,” hopefully, Dave will reveal Brandi’s due date soon.

Congratulations, Dave and Brandi!

Briggs Remembers Brandi

December 25, 2009

Fox & Friends guest co-host Dave Briggs did it right this time: he did not forget his lovely wife Brandi. Last Saturday, when F&F Weekend co-anchor Alisyn Camerota asked Dave how he was getting into work the next day (with a severe snowstorm in the offing), Dave declared, “I’m actually going to stay at a hotel tonight. Buzzkill! I won’t see my kids.” Unfortunately, he made no mention of his spouse Brandi. (Cf. Carpe Diem’s “Brandi, You’re a Fine Girl.”) Today, less than a week later, he had apparently learned a lesson from his beloved.

In the opening segment of the second hour, Dave wished the viewers and the troops overseas a Merry Christmas. Then, on a more personal note, he said,  “I want to wish a Merry Christmas to my wife Brandi [and] my kids, Emerson and William.” N.B. Not only did Dave recall Brandi, but he saluted her first and then his children in his seasonal greetings.

Good job, Dave!

Pajama Fox & Friends

December 13, 2009

Fox & Friends co-host Alisyn Camerota and her co-hosts, Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris, donned pj’s for a good cause this morning. In fact, Aly and Dave went the extra mile and brought their respective children to further help Geraldo Rivera pals, Chas. Komar (Prez & CEO of Komar, the largest American producer of pajamas) and his wife Liz, raise money for juvenile diabetes. Since Clayton has none, he did not need to travel that road.

As Komar explained that the company was donating the entire proceeds of 40,000 pairs of pj’s, the five darling children stole the show. Aly’s three kids were four-year-old twin daughters, Francesca and Alessandra, and two-year-old son Nathaniel, and Dave’s two were four-year-old Emerson and two-year-old William. While the other children sat mainly mute in the laps of adults, Dave’s Emerson hammed it up for the cameras (as her dad said) while Aly’s spitting image Francesca playfully stuck her tongue out.

A very sweet segment for a wonderful purpose!

P.S. For those interested in contributing to this fight against juvenile diabetes, go to or link here.

*Fox & Friends Weekend (12/13/09) – @9:53 a.m. ET

Dave on Mute

August 22, 2009

Today Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs returned from his family vacation to the show tight-lipped. Other than Tweeting an announcement that he was back from the Turks and Caicos islands and a lone landscape beach Twitpic, he said very little. No mention was made of his wife Brandi at all; of his daughter Emerson or son William specifically; or anything that he and his fam did.

As F&FW fans know, Dave generally gushes garrulously when it comes to his wife and kids. However, of late, he seems to be more guarded in his remarks. Even his colleagues seem to have got the message. E.g., when Mike Jerrick, F&FW Dave’s substitute last weekend, asked, “Where is Dave, again?,” co-anchor Alisyn Camerota replied, “He’s on a fabulous vacation:  That’s all you need to know!” In fact, today, when meteorologist Rick Reichmuth mentioned Dave’s holiday in the Turks and Caicos, he then haltingly said, “I don’t know if you’ve announced that’s where you went”: Reassuring him that he had not crossed the line, Dave declared, “That’s where I was, my friend.”

Dave, your most manifest asset has been your apparent love, appreciation, and enjoyment of your family. Even  though the author may pique you on occasion in this regard, do not be afraid to share it with your audience. All in all, you won’t be sorry.


Ringless Dave Romances Brandi

August 2, 2009

Fox & Friends Weekend Dave Briggs sometimes seems like the stereotypical clueless jock.* E.g., of all the times not to forget to wear his wedding ring, it would be today, his sixth anniversary. Especially, after having to be reminded of the special event by his wife Brandi this morning. Nevertheless, the author should probably give Dave a break.

The sports guy appeared genuinely smitten with his honey Brandi in an F&FW phone call toward the end of the show. After he lovingly said, “Happy anniversary, Sweetheart,” she wished him the same and added, “Six good years.” Subsequently, Dave rhetorically queried, “Can you believe someone has put up with me that long? I’m astounded.”

Co-host Alisyn Camerota riantly responded, “No.” Of Dave’s wife, Aly asked, “Brandi, how much alcohol do you drink every day?” Brandi jested, “Quite a bit!”

Then, expressing admiration for his wife, Dave revealed, “I get up at 3 a.m. every morning, and Brandi actually thought of it first thing. And, I’m like wandering through the hall…rubbing sleep out of my eyes and she thought of it. And, that just shows you the kind of amazing wife I have.”

When Aly asked, “So what do have planned for Brandi tonight?,” Dave could not seem to remember the Broadway show on the agenda tonight (“Jersey Boys” according to Brandi). However, he did have a romantic night planned: In addition to the show, he had reserved a “little hotel room” for tonight and got his mom, the “perfect all-night babysitter,” to take care of daughter Emerson and son William.

Co-anchor Clayton Morris racily queried, “And another bun in the oven, right?” Taken aback, Brandi responded, “I hope not.” Dave chuckled in absolute agreement.

Have fun tonight, you two. And, Dave, wear your ring!


Dave Tears Up

June 21, 2009

Today Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs received an early morning Father’s Day call on air from his wife Brandi and young daughter Emerson. At the beginning of the call, Brandi said, “Happy Father’s Day! I have someone here who is very excited to talk to you. Here’s Emerson.” Warmly greeting her, Dave said, “Hi, Em!” Emerson answered, “Happy Father’s Dad, Daddy! I made a card for you.”

As Dave answered, “You made a card for me?,” F&FW showed a split screen with a picture of Dave’s two children, Emerson and William, on one side and a live shot of him on the other. Turning to his co-hosts Clayton Morris and Courtney Friel, Dave commented, “See. I hate when they show that shot of me because I always get emotional when I talk to my little girl.”

Still on the phone, Emerson enthusiastically exclaimed, “I love you!” Dave tenderly replied, “I love you, too, Sweetie!” Emerson added, “I miss you! Bye.” Dave responded, “I miss you, too. Bye.”

Apparently, not one to revel in the Hallmark moment, Clayton requested, “Zoom in on camera two tighter: I want to see if there is a tear that’s about to [flow].” Abashedly putting his hand to his face and shaking his head, Dave declared, “I’m so soft. I’m so soft. Man!” Dave laughed, “Thank you to my producers for making me appear so soft.” As Dave concluded, “Very nice though. My daughter Emerson, my son William at home on this Father’s Day. I can’t wait to get home.”

In the meantime, Clayton kiddingly got a box of tissues and handed two tissues to Dave. Dave pulled them apart as if to use one. Even though he never did while the camera was on him, he discreetly wiped the bottom of his eye with his thumb as he subsequently discussed being a dad.

At the end of the show, Clayton announced that Dave’s wife Brandi had e-mailed the show. “Reading it,” he said, “Hey, Dave, don’t look now but we’re in the studio with your kids and we’re surprising you on this Father’s Day.” As he did, in walked his beautiful wife Brandi with their two small children Emerson and William. Grinning broadly, Dave eagerly picked up their children in his arms and gave his wife a sweet kiss on the lips.

Dave: a soft touch. In a good way.