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Stormy Maria: Inked Pink!

December 21, 2013

Molina reveals her secret “tart tatt”–nine months late. For Carpe Diem fans of the Fox News weather gal Maria Molina, a/k/a “Cosmo’s caliente Latina,” the revelation was a long time coming. Over nine months ago, the author noted the barbed pink/red ringlet adorning Maria, Tweeting her, “[I]s that a red “barb” tattoo or a beauty mark on your left wrist?” Not a word from the Nicaraguan nymph: Perhaps, the demure beauty thought that FNC was a tatt-free zone and she did not want to be dispatched posthaste like her comely “spanked and spurned” predecessor Domenica Davis.

Nevertheless, Monday, F&F newsreader Heather Nauert outed the demure damsel on F&F‘s After the Show Show. During the episode entitled, “Hidden talents,” with Maria, Heather, and co-hosts, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Steve Doocy, on the curvy couch,  Heather abruptly turned to Maria, teasing, “Give me your hand here! Give me your hand! What is that on your wrist?”*

Embarrassed, Maria initially pulled her arm away from Heather: Then, complying, she gave her hand to Heather. Subsequently, Heather (and Elisabeth) turned Maria’s arm for all of her F&F fans to see the reddish pink symbol inked on her wrist. Interjecting, Steve intoned, “Wait! Wait!…Oh, look at that: it’s a stamp!”

Chiming in, Heather added, “It looks like she was at a little club.”

Chagrined, Maria admitted, “It’s a tattoo.” Shyly, she subsequently explained, “It’s actually a tropical storm.” Then, she added, “It’s supposed to be Hurricane Andrew. And, that’s the reason I became a meteorologist.”

Sounds good–at least, to the parents. But, for ardent acolytes of the smoldering Maria Molina, her explanation seems almost too convenient. For those votaries of a tropical stormy Maria, her symbol looks almost a little like the inchoate etchings of Pamela Anderson’s racy barbed wire.

To quote Eminem, “Maybe, that’s what happens when a tornado meets a volcano.” Maria, “love the way you lie.” Or, not.

[Author’s aside: Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler weighs in? “Pink is my favorite color.”]

*A.S.S. (12/16/13) – @ 03:08/04:20

H/t: J$P. (Steve Doocy’s “shout-out” to J$.)

Huddy Factor: Hoboken “Hypocrite”?

June 18, 2013

“Did You See That?”: Do I have to explain why it’s been banned! FNC correspondent and O’Reilly Factor regular Juliet Huddy oddly decried the horrors of a sexy British Pamela Anderson advertisement last Wednesday.* The former Fox & Friends Weekend co-host who readily relishes the ribald humor of her erstwhile Fox & Friends Weekend co-host and best bud Mike Jerrick would seem to be an unlikely proponent of banning racy commercials. But, on her Factor “Did You See That?” segment, she sportingly played the part of censorship queen: And, for fans of the thrice-married proud cougar, her priggish pontifications appeared humorous at best.

During her weekly appearance on Bill O’Reilly’s eponymous show, Juliet was asked to opine on the banning of the rather risque British advert which starred buxom biz babe Pamela Anderson and her similarly endowed tarty underling cavorting in cream in a male colleague’s fantasy. After playing a controversial clip of the commercial censored as being “sexist and degrading to women,” O’Reilly remarked, “And, here now to explain why that ad has been banned is Juliet Huddy.” Appearing to feign outrage, Juliet exclaimed, “Do I have to explain why it’s been banned! Really!”

Subsequently, as another snippet started to air, O’Reilly jested, “I thought it was a milk commercial.” Laughing heartily, Juliet interjected, “I, I mean, I have to say.” Before she could continue, O’Reilly added, “So, it’s raunchy and suggestive but…Great Britain has a lot of that stuff. So…why did they pull this?”

Guffawing and giggling, Juliet declared, “Right thing, justifiably so! They felt that it’s sexist and objectifies women!”

Unconvinced, O’Reilly persisted, “Look, all I know is that…in England, particularly in London, they run a lot of raunchy stuff all over the place.”

Taking O’Reilly to task, Juliet jibed, “So, you’re upset that this ad is being banned?”

Defensively, raising his hand, O’Reilly retorted, “I’m not upset. I don’t care! I’m apathetic when it comes to this.”

Moralizing comically, Juliet riposted, “I think you do, Bill! Or, we wouldn’t have this on the show if you didn’t care!”

“Did you see that?” Indeed. Juliet: not necessarily O’Reilly fiercest “Culture Warrior.”

*O’Reilly Factor – 06/12/13 (8:50 a.m. ET)

Gretchen’s “Virgin” Experience

June 24, 2009

Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen got to “make out” with British billionaire and Virgin Atlantic founder Sir Richard Branson on the curvy couch on the After the Show Show (ASS) yesterday.* F&F co-anchor Steve Doocy gleefully stoked the fires. (For viewers who did not see it yesterday, F&F was more than happy to offer another prurient peep today.)*

ASS was quite a bit more risque than usual yesterday. Throughout the segment, bawdy humor abounded. Steve joked that the Virgin Airlines PJ changing area was the Mile High Club room. Branson immediately jested, “Exactly. And now with our space progam coming up, it will be the 180 Mile High Club. As to the origin of the airline’s name, Branson repeated Steve’s alleged conjecture that it was so dubbed because it would not go all the way. (He explained that actually it was because he started business because he was only fifteen when he started in business.)

However, ASS got steamier when the topic turned to Branson’s Virgin glamor girl publicity shoots. Noting that five years ago Branson had picked up Pamela Anderson but yesterday he hoisted Kate Moss, Steve teased, “You just can’t bench press what you used to be able to? Are you looking for smaller girls?” In response, chuckling, Branson rushed toward Gretchen, saying, “Well, let’s see. What do we got here?” Gretchen screamed, “Oh, no! Oh, no! No!” As Sir Branson tried to lift F&F’s damsel in distress, one understood why she resisted so and had color coordinated beforehand.

After Branson relented amidst howls of laughter, he embraced Gretchen tightly as she exclaimed, “Oh, my god! I haven’t been swept off my feet in a while, Buddy! Alright? Flattered and flustered, she animatedly added, “Hello! Oh my goodness! Could we make sure we get a still photo of that? If I could make that like into an 11×14 in my office.” When Steve remarked, “That’s your screen saver,” Gretchen heartily concurred, “Definitely!”

As the segment concluded, still holding Gretchen, Bronson joked, “Could we turn the light out, please.?” As the F&F floor crew complied and added mood music to boot, Branson playfully acted as if he were friskily frolicking with her as she saucily screamed. As the lights came back on, Branson kissed her hand and said, “It’s been a pleasure.” Gretchen responded, “No kidding! Could you stop back in tomorrow?”

Probably not. But, Branson certainly gave Gretchen a Virgin flight of fancy.

*Fox & Friends’ After the Show Show (06/23/09)

**F&F (06/24/09) – 6:32 a.m. ET