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Clayton Chokes Up

June 21, 2009

Usually, one who eschews emotional moments, co-anchor Clayton Morris could not help himself today.* In a Father’s Day call to his father who survived very serious heart surgery recently, Clayton first kidded his dad about his “scary” mustache (in an old photograph displayed on the screen). However, turning serious, Clayton said, “This is a big moment for me and Happy Father’s Day. You know, I don’t ever get choked up but I will. You just went through quadruple bypass surgery, and, um.” Tearing up, he could not continue.

Stepping in for his friend and co-anchor, Dave Briggs stated, “And, we are very happy to hear you are doing well. I know this is emotional for Clayton: He and I have talked about it many a weekend. He’s thrilled, we are all thrilled that you are doing better.”

After regaining his composure yet still emotional, Clayton stated, “You have your energy back, and you’re looking fantastic. I got to see you last weekend. So, happy Father’s Day. Happy birthday.” He added, “Love to the family. And have fun today going out to breakfast and enjoying the rest of the day.”

Like Dave earlier today,** Clayton had his own Hallmark moment on camera. However unlike Dave, Clayton seems unaccustomed to them. Today the usually clowning Clayton showed his more sensitive side, i.e., that of a loving son.

*F&F (06/21/09) – @8:10 a.m. ET



Dave Tears Up

June 21, 2009

Today Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs received an early morning Father’s Day call on air from his wife Brandi and young daughter Emerson. At the beginning of the call, Brandi said, “Happy Father’s Day! I have someone here who is very excited to talk to you. Here’s Emerson.” Warmly greeting her, Dave said, “Hi, Em!” Emerson answered, “Happy Father’s Dad, Daddy! I made a card for you.”

As Dave answered, “You made a card for me?,” F&FW showed a split screen with a picture of Dave’s two children, Emerson and William, on one side and a live shot of him on the other. Turning to his co-hosts Clayton Morris and Courtney Friel, Dave commented, “See. I hate when they show that shot of me because I always get emotional when I talk to my little girl.”

Still on the phone, Emerson enthusiastically exclaimed, “I love you!” Dave tenderly replied, “I love you, too, Sweetie!” Emerson added, “I miss you! Bye.” Dave responded, “I miss you, too. Bye.”

Apparently, not one to revel in the Hallmark moment, Clayton requested, “Zoom in on camera two tighter: I want to see if there is a tear that’s about to [flow].” Abashedly putting his hand to his face and shaking his head, Dave declared, “I’m so soft. I’m so soft. Man!” Dave laughed, “Thank you to my producers for making me appear so soft.” As Dave concluded, “Very nice though. My daughter Emerson, my son William at home on this Father’s Day. I can’t wait to get home.”

In the meantime, Clayton kiddingly got a box of tissues and handed two tissues to Dave. Dave pulled them apart as if to use one. Even though he never did while the camera was on him, he discreetly wiped the bottom of his eye with his thumb as he subsequently discussed being a dad.

At the end of the show, Clayton announced that Dave’s wife Brandi had e-mailed the show. “Reading it,” he said, “Hey, Dave, don’t look now but we’re in the studio with your kids and we’re surprising you on this Father’s Day.” As he did, in walked his beautiful wife Brandi with their two small children Emerson and William. Grinning broadly, Dave eagerly picked up their children in his arms and gave his wife a sweet kiss on the lips.

Dave: a soft touch. In a good way.