Natali: “My Baby Boy Miles”

Clayton is his father. Sunday CNET TV anchor Natali Del Conte confirmed Sunday that she is indeed that “Natali” that is the mother of Clayton’s child, Miles Benjamin Morris. In a Tweet yesterday evening, Natali stated, “My baby boy Miles made his first network TV appearance today! He’s a star!!” In this missive, she linked to the Fox & Friends Weekend video entitled, “Welcome Miles Benjamin Morris! Clayton shares photos and home movies of his newborn son.”

In that clip played on F&FW Sunday morning, Clayton is shown at home changing the diaper of his son for the very first time. Co-anchor Dave Briggs stated that the video had been sent in by Miles’ mother and identified her only as “Natali.” Even though viewers may have had little question as to her identity, Natali herself removed all doubts Sunday evening in her Tweet.

Welcome, Miles!

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11 Responses to “Natali: “My Baby Boy Miles””

  1. Natali Del Conte Says:

    I don’t think that many people were speculating but it is nice to know some people care. :) Thank you for the best wishes on my new little family!

    – Natali

  2. Josh Says:

    I bet Tiki Barber had wished he had stayed working at News Corp instead of going to the Today Show.

    When Tiki had an affair, he lost his job.

    Just think what Tiki could have done at FNC. He could have had an affair and then had pictures/video of the evidence of his adultery shown on air for all to see.

    Poor Tiki. Had he only known that he was going to shred up his marriage vows and cheat with a home wrecker, he too would still have a job.

  3. Al Says:

    On the previous post someone questioned the reaction of Christians and here I see a similar comment. I was hoping grown-ups would avoid such criticisms at this point.

    Can’t speak for all Christians, but this one acknowledges his own failings and poor choices in life. I can see that Baby Miles – truly a Gift of God – is alive and loved and that is not an insignificant fact.

    As for mistakes made in the past (to the extent that they’re any of our business whatsoever), that we make serious mistakes is a given. We learn from these and the true test of our character is in how we handle them and live up to the resulting responsibilities. A tenet in many faiths is forgiveness, because the weight of guilt can ruin lives. It is the character of those who wish to pile on guilt and hatred that I question.

    This Christian is fully capable of simultaneously frowning on indiscretions while rejoicing in the birth of a new life and wishing a bright beginning filled with happiness and success to the new baby, his new mom, and his new dad.

  4. Josh Says:

    I think Al is missing the point big time. Al thinks criticism shouldn’t be made “at this point”. Well, Al, FNC is deciding to run with this story “at this point”. I hope you can see that’s why some are voicing their criticism of it.

    It’s bad enough Clayton wasn’t fired. He should be out on his cheating butt.

    But to go ahead and show video and play it up like its something to be cheerful about? Come on! It would be bad enough if they were an unwed couple. But to play this up while Clayton is still married is just wrong.

    They talk about their spouses/family on Fox and Friends. Now Clayton can talk about his family and his cheating family. It’s pretty low.

    If FNC wasn’t going to do the right thing and fire Clayton, they could have at least used some discretion and not mention his discretions on the air.

    I also don’t think one has to be a Christian to find this appalling.

  5. Al Says:

    Excerpted from “Pro Football Today”, June 23, 2010
    PFT confirmed two months back that NBC Sports did not renew Tiki Barber’s contract on Football Night in America, a decision that was made before his personal life became tabloid fodder in New York.

    His days at “Today” were numbered long before the tabloid stuff, probably for the same reason(s) he wasn’t offered a permanent position within the NewsCorp companies.

    I’m not missing the point, Josh; I made a more relevant one.

  6. Josh Says:

    No, you confirmed he was gone from Football Night In America. That’s not the TODAY SHOW. And you still miss the point.

    The New York Post reported Wednesday that Barber was quietly let go in May as a reporter on the morning news program, a job that paid $300,000 annually. FanHouse reported that Barber’s contract with NBC Sports to serve as a reporter on the network’s coverage of the NFL, was not renewed when it expired earlier this year.

    Barber left his wife of 11 years earlier this year reportedly for a 23-year old former NBC intern. Barber’s wife, Ginny, delivered twin girls in May, and the couple is reportedly locked in the throes of a messy divorce.

  7. Josh Says:

    Also, do you really think the people at NBC didn’t know TIKI was cheating on his wife etc…. long ago? Do you think they just learned in May when his mistress gave birth?

    How long has speculation gone on about cheating Clayton? Him not wearing a ring because him feeling like a guilty cheating scum. All of that was going on last year etc.

    People in the workplace know. Especially when both of them are in the same workplace.

  8. Al Says:

    Yeah, I read that, too. Other articles indicate he was only a “contributor” for the Today Show and his NBC contract was the $300K gig. Those other articles, which you can look up as easily as I did, opine that it wasn’t likely he’d keep the Today Show after being released from NBC Sports.

    Point is, it has not been confirmed that his dismissal had anything to do with his personal life and only anonymous sources indicate otherwise. Larger point, who cares?

    What I saw on Fox & Friends was co-hosts celebrating the birth of their colleague’s son. What? You want the boy shunned and stuffed in a dark closet? Is that what you’d want for your child? Careful, Karma is a ….

  9. jakeho Says:

    Natali, great to hear from you. Probably more people care than you know. :) Little Miles is a beautiful child indeed: obviously, he gets it from you!

  10. DJ Says:

    I used to be a HUGE NDC fan. Watched her grow from her original tech show to leading some big projects at CNET. Thought she was such a great role model for young girls in tech. Then this…

    Sometimes, you can’t control who you fall in love with. But that doesn’t excuse acting on that love. You wait until the man divorces his wife and then it’s fair game. Now I’m wondering what went on between Natali and this guy that may have caused the break up. Shame on you, Natali, for this outrageous behavior. I’m no longer a fan and I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy eventually does to you what he did to his previous wife. Once a lecher always a lecher.

  11. Clayton & Natali Morris: “It’s a Girl” « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] host Clayton Morris and his wife welcoming their baby girl Ava Elizabeth yesterday. She joins big brother Miles.” Meanwhile producers ran two pics of beautiful Ava: one of her in the arms of her doting dad […]

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