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Sambora Strums Ainsley

May 3, 2014

Tucker Carlson: “There was a lot of touching…It was getting a little steamy! We cut away at the end.” Blond beauty FNC anchor Ainsley Earhardt had rocker Richie Sambora all hot and bothered this morning seemingly. In fact, by the end of her interview of the lead guitarist of Bon Jovi, she appeared to have the bad boy all primed for a romp in her perfumed “Bed of Roses” at Churchill Downs.

In the bumper promo preceding Ainsley’s interview of Sambora, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Anna Kooiman cooed, “Our Ainsley Earhardt is at Churchill Downs. A very special guest: who’s that?”* As the camera panned to Ainsley and the Bon Jovi rocker, Sambora amorously caressed Ainsley’s bare left shoulder: Beaming, Ainsley animatedly answered, “I never thought I would say this but I’m getting warmed up by Richie Sambora.” Embracing her tightly, Sambora remarked, “Wooh! I’m getting warmed up, too, Baby!” As Anna chuckled off-camera, a reddening Ainsley turned to Sambora, exclaiming, “Thank you!”

After the commercial break, Anna and her co-hosts, Tucker Carlson and Clayton Morris, introduced the Kentucky Derby segment. Segueing to Ainsley’s interview, Anna remarked, “Our very own Ainsley Earhardt looking good! She’s doing some star-gazing right now, though: Who’s there with you, Ainsley?” Still in the embrace of Sambora, Ainsley replied, “One of our Fox favorite celebrities, Richie Sambora is here with me. Anna, you’re looking good in your hat.” Turning to Sambora, she added, “And, you look good, too!” Looking into her eyes, Sambora responded, “Oh, sweetheart! No, you look beautiful! Honestly, Ainz!”

Before the split-screen ended, viewers were treated to the priceless reactions of the co-hosts: Tucker’s jaw literally dropped and his eyes rolled as he looked at Anna in incredulity. Turning toward Tucker, a similarly disbelieving Anna smilingly arched her eyebrows, gnashed her teeth, and looked downward. Meanwhile, Clayton managed merely a chuckle as tried to look away.

During the interview itself, the mutual admirers discussed Sambora’s Barnstable Brown (B.B.) performance, his donation of his custom-made Swarovski guitar played at the B.B. to a diabetes charity, and their shared diabetes concerns. Before the confab was over, Ainsley smilingly noted, “US Weekly just voted you and Heather Locklear, your ex-wife–you have a daughter together–voted you the happiest exes. What’s the secret?” When Sambora replied that one has to keep the child’s interest first and that he thought he and his ex were better friends now than we they were married, Ainsley answered, “Good!”

Subsequently, Ainsley mentioned Santora’s designing of clothes, giving him the opportunity to plug his companies, Nikki Rich (women) and Chrome (men): After doing so and picking his Derby horse (California Chrome), he casually commented, “But, I did, I did buy you something, Baby!” As Santora reached into his back pocket, a flattered Ainsley asked, “What did you buy me?” “From the gift shop,” intoned Sambora.

Flushed, Ainsley queried, “You bought this for me?” Boldly, Sambora replied, “Yes, I did, Darling!” As he handed what appeared to be a short white skirt (with a powder blue Churchill Downs print), an appreciative Ainsley responded, “Vineyard Vine(s), this is the official designer of the Derby. How beautiful is that! Right up my alley!”

“[My] pleasure!” answered Sambora. And it was to be. As Ainsley displayed his tribute to her for the camera, Sambora reached forward and downward toward her blue-dress-clad hip. Patting Ainsley’s hip thrice, Sambora slyly said, “Hey, it matches your thing.” Elated, Ainsley answered, “How great! Thank you so much!…Thanks, Richie! And, thanks for being there with us today!”

As Ainsley hugged him anew, Sambora aptly exclaimed, “My pleasure!”

When the beaming Ainsley segued to her three co-hosts, Anna took the toss: Holding up her ring finger a la Beyonce, Anna scolded, “Richie, easy! We know you like your blondes but she does have a ring on her finger.” Turning to Clayton, she laughed, “I think he’s really liking his Ainsley Earhardt today.”

Not willing to cast such stones too hard, Clayton jested, “There’s a lot of touching going on down there at the Derby. Well you know why: The mint juleps have been flowing since 7 a.m.”

Holding Sambora close, an unrepentant Ainsley riposted, “I’m not letting go!” Concurring, Sambora exclaimed, “I’m not letting go either!”

Nor were Ainsley’s F&FW colleagues: Not surprisingly, meteorologist Janice Dean was intent on joining in on their fun. As the show concluded with producers giving a shout-out to Ainsley’s hatmaker Frank Olive Hats (with two pics of its hats atop Ainsley), Anna declared, “It’s no wonder that Richie Sambora was putting the moves on our Ainsley Earhardt: She looked so good out there the last couple of days at the Derby.”

Interjecting, meteorologist Janice Dean exclaimed, “Where’s the picture, where was the picture of Richie Sambora?” Almost unresponsively, Clayton commented, “He was pretty close there.” Not satisfied, Janice demanded, “Like what was he doing?” Snuggling up to Clayton playfully with both of her arms around his shoulders and raising her right knee toward his body, Anna chuckled, “The whole interview was like this.” Concurring, Clayton chuckled, “It was like this. ‘Don’t stop.'”

Stirring the proverbial pot, Tucker chimed, “There was some touching.” Racily, Janice rejoined, “Some touching?” Smiling goatishly, Tucker answered, “There was a lot of touching, actually.” With mock concern, Janice queried, “It was TV friendly, though?

In a denouement of the F&FW fun du jour, Tucker riposted, “Oh, yeah! No, it was totally within bounds but it was getting a little steamy! We cut away at the end.”

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 05/03/14 (@ 9:26 a.m. ET).

Huddy’s New “Hubby”?

November 28, 2012

Juliet: “I can’t even deal with [his absence] for three days!” On post-Thanksgiving Friday, Fox & Friends guest co-host, cougar Juliet Huddy, appeared to inadvertently announce that she has pounced anew. Introducing her segment with Donna Lyons (co-author of Now You Tell Me! 12 Army Wives Give the Best Advice They Never Got), Juliet hypothetically said, “It would be so difficult to deal with my husband going away, going off to war or just…going out of the country for six months.”* Then, surprisingly, empathetically, she added, “I can’t even deal with it for, you know, for three days!” Has FNC’s fave thrice-wed femme fatale thrown herself into the connubial fray yet again?

If so, to whom? Juliet’s latest love has been her “beau John Jordan,” Jordan Winery scion [Tweet now deleted]. To wit, during this year’s Kentucky Derby weekend with Jordan in the first week of May, Juliet was seen sporting seemingly connubial bling on her ring finger (left hand). Unfortunately, approximately four months later, the handwriting seemed to be on the wall: when a Twitter follower praised the plane for which she had posed (heading for Jordan’s Sonoma winery), she acerbically snarked, “Hate small planes. But looking forward to making it Napa to check out some new wineries. Once you’ve seen one, move along…” Perhaps, more telling, the next day, when asked if she were married, she animatedly answered, “No, but happily, very happily single!”

If not Jordan, whom? Her self-professed “tv husband”? When one Twitter acolyte asked, “Are you and steve lacy …dating,” she exclaimed, “No dating! But I know deep down @stevenlacy is madly in love with me.” Reveling in her cougar rep, she added, “He’s much too young for me lol.”

Your “word,” Juliet?

*Fox & Friends – 11/23/12 (@ 7:25 a.m. ET)

Huddy Hides Honey: Deletes Derby Pic [Updated]

May 11, 2012

Wherefore art thou, [Juliet’s] Romeo? Fox & Friends First co-anchor Juliet Huddy has mysteriously scrubbed her Kentucky Derby weekend Tweet about her “beau John Jordan,” including, a photo of the two lovebirds together. Shortly after Carpe Diem posted the author’s article about Juliet’s sweet Tweet, it mysterious disappeared even though Juliet’s other Kentucky Derby Tweets, including, pics (1, 2, 3) remained, including one of her with a ring on her left “ring finger.”

N.B. When one Juliet’s Tweeps noted the “shine on [Juliet’s] left hand” and offered his tacit congratulations, she replied, “Nope! Just a fun cocktail ring. I don’t buy into the “only wedding rings on left ring finger thing lol.” Nevertheless, she and Jordan did seem quite cozy at his and his family vineyard’s fortieth birthday bash.

Juliet: she’s so shy!

[Author’s note: For the text of Juliet’s deleted Tweet, link here and view its Google ghost (fifth item).]

Update (05/14/12): Three days later, Juliet uncovers her honey: reveals their new Derby pic.

Friel Snubs Sivan

May 1, 2010

But, Courtney chats up Lauren’s “date,” Rick Levanthal. In her Fox & Friends Weekend feature report, Courtney Friel covered the pre-Kentucky Derby 2010 Barnstable Brown Party. At those festivities, she ran into her former FNC colleague and Red Eye rival Lauren Sivan. (On Red Eye, Courtney was the sexy star of Ab News and Lauren was the “Dancing Shiva” of Yoga News.)

After interviewing acclaimed actress Diane Lane and several unnamed celebs, Lauren Sivan and her former fiance, FNC correspondent Rick Levanthal, approached her. When they did, Courtney exclaimed,  “It’s Fox’s Rick Levanthal.”* As Rick gave Courtney a kiss on the cheek and his rapt attention, Lauren looked on with a subdued smile. Subsequently, Courtney interviewed Rick without even acknowledging Lauren and then tossed back to the F&FW co-hosts (Alisyn Camerota, Clayton Morris, and Dave Briggs) without so much as a mention of their former co-worker.


*Fox & Friends Weekend – 05/01/10 (@8:40 a.m. ET)

“Don’t Pull The Plug”

May 11, 2008

Today Dave Briggs seemed to indicate, albeit faintly, that he may have moved from Fox & Friends Weekend guest host to permanent one. While discussing an American Idol contestant, he said, “I hope they don’t pull the plug and ban me from the studio for saying this: I’ve never seen American Idol.” Has the final make-up of the co-hosts finally been decided? Like American Idol, the outcome is always in doubt: unlike American Idol, the viewer doesn’t have a vote.

As an aside, have you noticed that today Courtney Friel has been shot from the waist up when she has read the news. In the aforementioned segment, the viewer could see why. When Courtney seemingly spontaneously joined the cast, she was shown wearing white flip flops in the lingering cut-away shot. In her Kentucky Derby stint, she also mentioned that she was wearing flip flops. Is the usual sexy-stiletto-wearing siren having foot problems?

Another F&F factoid: As of this writing, Ainsley Earhardt, Clayton Morris, and Dave Briggs have not introduced themselves during the show. Yesterday they waited until the third hour to do so. One wonders whether this omission is an oversight, an example of hubris, or the “widgetification” of the show.