The Good Shepard?

News of great joy? Fox News’ Shepard Smith appears to have crossed over from the dark side when it comes to the Trampoline Bear video. Last Friday, the weekday Fox Report (and Studio B) anchor defended his use of the exploitative tape (of a tranquilized black bear falling from a tree onto a trampoline, being propelled high into the air, and then crashing face-first into the hard ground), saying, “You know that, that bear there didn’t get hurt.” Happily, however, this week, Shep took the higher ground, eschewing his painful “Bear Alerts” (with the “requisite” Trampoline Bear clips) in favor of more animal-friendly “Cool Critters” segments. Specifically, on Monday, he featured two newborn Taiwanese liger cubs, and, on Thursday, he showed three Aussie-adopted pet crocodiles.

Well done, Shep! “Cool Critters” indeed.

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14 Responses to “The Good Shepard?”

  1. Al Says:

    You do know that he doesn’t always run the trampoline bear video for every “bear alert” segment, instead choosing something else that is entertaining, don’t you? My guess is the trampoline bear is for when they don’t have anything else worthwhile for ending the segment.

  2. Tom B. Says:

    Your exploitation of this “bear” “bull”sh*t is getting old. “Bears” don’t give a “rat”‘s ass about what’s on the “Fox” Report. I’m eschewing your site for now. No worries, I’ll “bee” back.

  3. PurpleSlog Says:

    Tom…why are you covering for the bears? What do you know that you are not telling us?!!!!!

  4. Tom B. Says:

    @PurpleSlog I got no secrets to conceal. How does it feel?

  5. Al Says:


    Yes, the exploitation of the bear on this blog is, as my old college bud from Pakistan would say, “bunch sheet-bull”. But this sheet-bull gives Mr. Hogue something to write about – sometimes a precious commodity – and it then gives us something to complain about from the cheap seats.

    How’s that for a load of sheet-bull?

    [insert trampoline bear video embed here]

  6. jakeho Says:

    Dr. Al, Tom, you, too, can come over from the dark side. When you enter the light, maybe, you can clean off all of the “‘bull”sh*t'” (or “sheet-bull”) that you apparently are mired in. :)

  7. Sunni Muhammed Akbar Says:

    Quick Middle Eastern Joke:

    Q: Why did the camel tip-toe carefully across the road?

    A: To avoid stepping in the chicken Shi-ite!

  8. The Apologist Says:

    I officially apologize on behalf of Mr. Akbar for that last comment. It was vulgar, offensive and in very, very poor taste.

    So….on behalf of all that is good, wholesome and decent, I officially issue my formal and hearfelt APOLOGY.

  9. Tom B. Says:

    Come on over and visit the dark side, Jake. Apparently you’ve been blinded by the light. Wallowing in the “sheet-bull” has dulled your sense of smell, not to mention your sense of humor. :)

  10. jakeho Says:

    Clever retort, Tom B.–albeit unenlightened. :)

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