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Clayton’s Missing Wedding Ring Reappears

July 15, 2013

Again–as Carpe Diem predicted. Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Clayton Morris decided to don his connubial band again last Saturday. When Clayton’s lost his wedding ring seemingly six days earlier on F&FW Sunday, the author duly noted its absence and the lack of a tan line on his ring finger to boot in an article entitled, “Clayton’s Missing Wedding Ring: Again?” Citing Clayton’s past as probable precedent, the author predicted that Clayton would be sporting the sign of his unending love for his lovely Natali again on Saturday: He did indeed–on Saturday and Sunday.

As fans of Clayton may well remember, he likewise doffed his wedding ring almost four years ago during his first marriage to Sara Batterson. Furthermore, similarly, Carpe Diem published a post querying, “Trouble in Paradise?” Apparently, there was: Nevertheless, Clayton’s marital bling reappeared the very next show.

Hopefully, Clayton’s connubial bond is more secure this time.

Clayton’s Missing Wedding Ring: Again?

July 7, 2013

Morris’ marital “misstep.” Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Clayton Morris strangely sported no connubial band this Sunday morning: Stranger yet, FNC’s bronzed tech geek had no tan line on his ring finger. Perhaps, its absence was merely an oversight and some finger makeup was applied: after all, Clayton did just wear his marital bling yesterday. But, readers may remember that his suddenly missing wedding ring on F&FW during his first marriage to his “hot wife” Sara Morris did portend “Trouble in Paradise.”

But, hopefully, all is well with Clayton and his second lovely lady, Natali Morris nee Del Conte. After all they have two beautiful young children, almost three-year-old Miles Benjamin [vid], and one-year-old Avis Elizabeth. Nevertheless, the bad boy did get in trouble with Natali rather recently when their son Miles spilled the beans on Clayton’s probably benign trip to Hooters.

Regardless of Clayton and Natali’s state of affairs, if the past is precedent for the future, the author envisions a reappearance of Clayton’s wedding ring to his finger on the very next Fox & Friends Weekend edition.

Hooters for Clayton: Busted by Miles!

April 29, 2013

Natalie: “Oh, @ClaytonMorris, you got some ‘splaining to do!” Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Clayton Morris apparently wanted some extra spicy fare from a “really full” Hooters last month but came up embarrassingly empty. And, he got busted to boot by his boy Miles!

In a prickly Tweet about Clayton’s indiscreet adventure, Natali Morris nee Del Conte declared, “My 2 yr-old son: ‘Mommy we tried to go to Hooters but it was really full.” As an acerbic aside to her hubby, she added, “Oh @ClaytonMorris, you got some ‘splaining to do!”

Oops! Out of the mouth of Clayton’s babe. Straight to Natali’s ears!

Missing Morris: “Pneumonia!”

August 19, 2012

Another weekend off? Today, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Clayton Morris continued to be M.I.A. from his post–for the second week in a row. Unfortunately, his co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Dave Briggs provided scant commentary for Clayton’s extended absence other than his being sick. Given F&FW‘s past anchor defenestrations (e.g., Page Hopkins, Kelly Wright, and Greg Kelly), unexplained departures (Kiran Chetry), and questionable leaves of absence (Alisyn Camerota), Clayton’s fans surely deserved much more transparency. Happily, apparently, Clayton provided those answers last week–via Twitter.

On the day before F&FW Saturday (last week), Clayton Tweeted, “My wife [Natali Morris nee Del Conte] is a saint. Taking care of two kids and a husband with a 103 degree fever. I’m useless. Well, more than usual.” After the show, he remarked, “Chest X-Ray time to find out if this is pneumonia.” On the following Monday (two days later), Clayton comically revealed the results: He jested, “I’ve lost 6 pounds! My diet secret? Pneumonia!”

At least, Clayton gets it. Get well soon, Clayton!

Juliet: Dave & Clayton’s “Babelicious Wives”!

June 17, 2012

Brandi Briggs & Natali Morris: The wives of Fox & Friends Weekend. Just who are these “babelicious wives” of F&FW co-anchors Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris that F&FW guest co-anchor Juliet Huddy so animatedly dubbed this morning (after Brandi called in to wish Dave a “Happy Father’s Day with an an accompanying fam photo)? Dave’s better half is blonde beauty, Brandi nee Moreland, and Clayton’s lovely is raven-haired lovely, Natali nee Del Conte.

First, Dave’s beloved Brandi is one of four children of “Dealin’ Doug” Moreland (2011 TIME Dealer of the Year) and his wife Carol of Colorado. She got her B.S. from Boston College and a law degree from the University of Colorado School of Law. While a law student, Brandi ran in 2002 as the Republican candidate for the Colorado State House of Representatives District in an unsuccessful bid. After graduation, Brandi practiced law in Boston. Now she lives in Connecticut with her and Dave’s three children (Emerson, William, and Logan). [For a sweet pic of Brandi with Dave, link here.]

Second, Clayton’s love Natalie hails from the San Francisco Bay Area. She received her California State University (Hayward) bachelor’s degree in journalism and her USC master’s degree from USC in sociology. Before venturing off into the geeky tech world and social media, Natali explored her more sensual self as a yoga instructor. Subsequently, she has written for WIRED, MarketWatch, Variety Magazine, etc.; appeared as a contributor/regular guest BBC, FNC, Univision, etc.; served as a CNET TV news network. Now, Natali is CNBC tech contributor, “mommy blogger,” and, more importantly, mother of two (Miles and Ava). [For a pic of “mommy” Natali with Clayton (and Ava), link here: But, for a few photos of “media personality” Natali (including one of her as sexy Lara Croft), link here.]

The wives of F&FW: Brainy–and babelicious!

*F&FW – 06/17/12 (@ 8:35 a.m. ET)

[Author’s aside: In reply to Juliet’s saucy assessment of their mates, an Dave understated, “We did okay. We did okay.” Before biting his lip, Clayton jested, “That’s how we roll!”]

Clayton & Natali Morris: “It’s a Girl”

May 9, 2012

Ava Elizabeth Morris arrives. Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Clayton Morris and his wife Natali nee Del Conte announced the birth of their beautiful newborn baby yesterday evening. Breaking the news, Clayton tersely Tweeted, “It’s a girl.” About forty-minutes later, Natalie proudly proclaimed, “It’s a girl! She’s healthy and lovely!”

Early this morning on Fox & Friends First, co-anchor Ainsley Earhardt shared the news with Clayton’s FNC fans. In “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” segment, Ainsley declared, “First, we start with the good. Meet the newest member  of the Fox & Friends family: weekend host Clayton Morris and his wife welcoming their baby girl Ava Elizabeth yesterday. She joins big brother Miles.” Meanwhile producers ran two pics of beautiful Ava: one of her in the arms of her doting dad and the other of  her with both adoring parents.

Apparently, Ava has completed the Morris household. When a Tweep teasingly admonished mama Morris to slow down, Natali declared, “No no I’m done now!”

Congratulation, Clayton and Natali!

*Fox & Friends First – 05/09/12 – (@ 5:58 a.m. ET)

Update 1 (May 10): Adorable Ava sleeping (photo taken by Clayton and RT’d by Natali).

Update 2 (May 12): According to Clayton today on F&FW, Ava weighed six pounds 12 ounces at birth. F&FW – 05/12/12 (@9:59 a.m. ET)

Update 3 (May 13): For Ava’s pics cited in article, supra, cf. J$P‘s 05/09/12 link (“a girl”).

Update 4 (May 13): For even more Ava pics (After the Show Show), link here.

Update 5 (May 14): Natali adds her coda, i.e., that Ava measured 19.5 inches and came “out in 2 pushes!”

“King” Jerrick: “I Guess I Should Say”

July 10, 2011

“I’m Mike in for, uh, what’s the guy’s name? Uh, Clayton.” After a critical Carpe Diem report yesterday, the “King of Philadelphia” Mike Jerrick seemed eager to assure Fox & Friends Weekend fans that he intended no snub yesterday to his F&FW successor and fellow Philly Clayton Morris. As CD noted, the F&FW alum and great failed to acknowledge Clayton for the second time consecutively on the show (as his replacement host). To make matters worse for Clayton,  his regular F&FW co-host Dave Briggs did not mention him either.

Today, F&FW producers seemed eager to assure Clayton and his fans that they meant no slight. At mid show today, Mike appeared to make light of his conspicuous omission: as the third hour began, he joked, “Hi, everybody! By the way, I guess I should say [that] I’m Mike in for, uh, what’s the guy’s name? Uh, Clayton.” As Mike then chuckled, Dave tried unsuccessfully to suppress a smile. Looking over at Mike, he answered, “His name is Clayton Morris on vacation this morning.”

Feigning ignorance, guest co-host Ainsley Earhardt “earnestly” asked, “Where is Clayton?” Slapping his knee for effect, Dave replied, “Clayton is out West in an undisclosed location.” Grinning at the intended intrigue, Mike interjected, “Is that right? In a bunker?” Dave replied, “I’ll just say out West with his wonderful wife and child. And, we miss them.”

Mike, bravo for your belated hat tip to Clayton.

[Author’s aside: As to Clayton’s whereabouts, no great mystery: He, his wife Natali nee Del Conte, and son Miles are camping in California on a family vacation.]

Clayton: My Wife in Bed

May 9, 2011

“Happy Mother’s Day. I love you, Hon!” Yesterday, Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Clayton Morris finally shared his wife, Natali Morris nee Del Conte, more fully with his fans. And, she did not seem to mind one whit. In fact, she seemed to revel in their rapt attention–not to mention, his full aegis–at last.

As Fox & Friends Weekend viewers may remember, Natali was rumored to be the gravid illicit lover of a married Clayton slightly over a year ago according to Almost four months later, the CNET TV news anchor (and whilom F&F tech guest) bore their love child: However, Clayton did not acknowledge Natali as his son’s mother even when he proudly heralded baby Miles Benjamin’s arrival with photos and video to the F&FW audience. Subsequently, Clayton wed Natali: Interestingly, he still refrained from mentioning her name on F&FW air even when he showed a photo album of their son which included photos of Natali to his viewers. Nevertheless, on Christmas Day 2010, Clayton began to rectify his omissions by calling Natali “my beloved wife Natali” when he showed a holiday photo of himself and his new family to F&FW fans.

On Mother’s Day, Clayton went one step further and literally embraced Natali as his new spouse on air in what appeared to be a made-for-TV moment. Seemingly, eager to receive this on-air imprimatur, Natali took the “Red Eye” to get to the FNC studio on time according to Clayton’s co-anchor Dave Briggs.* Furthermore, apparently, pumped producers thrice promoted the breakfast-in-bed block with preview shots of the sexy young mom and her adorable child together.

During the segment itself, Clayton served a chef-confected breakfast of soft-crab omelet and mom mimosa to Natali who was sitting in the bed and cradling their baby Miles. As Clayton did, he lovingly took their son into his arms and then kissed Natali on the top of her head, saying, “Happy Mother’s Day. I love you, Hon!” Turning to Clayton with a smile, Natali grabbed his waist and responded, “Thank you very much!”

As the segment ended, Clayton jested, “See, now, this gets me off the hook…from having to do anything else the rest of the day.” As his co-hosts Dave and Molly Line took his toss, they laughed at that notion. Looking down at Natali, Clayton comically queried, “Does it?”  Arching her eyebrows and shrugging her shoulders, a grinning Natali gamely proclaimed, “Sure!”

As the Virginia Slims ads said, “Natali, you’ve come a long way, baby!” Or, rather, was it Clayton?

Fox & Friends Weekend – 05/08/11 (@ 8:01 a.m. ET)

Clayton: “Another Happy Ending”?

February 15, 2011

Back in the saddle again! Fresh from France after his romantic honeymoon in Europe with his beautiful wife Natali Morris nee Del Conte, Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Clayton Morris got back on his mount Sunday as frisky as ever. During a Valentine segment, Clayton discussed the “fine points” of a love-in-the-office poll with his co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Dave Briggs. Continental style.

With about an hour and half to go in the show, Dave introduced the F&FW segment and Aly read the poll statistics on workplace romance (i.e., the percentages of people who had dated and married a co-worker).* Subsequently, Clayton read a viewer e-mail from “Harvey” that indicated that relationships merely caused difficulties for the other employees: Then, opining, Clayton commented, “It only feels uncomfortable for other employees when they don’t tell people.” Racily, Aly added, “Or, or, when they’re caught making out in the broom closet or something like that.”

Thereafter, Dave read another audience email from “Cheryl” who said that she had dated someone at work, got married to him, and was still married after thirty-one years. Then, Dave declared, “Good to know there are some happy endings in all of these relationship[s]. In response, Clayton, looking at Dave, salaciously smiled, and arrantly arched his eyebrows.

Subsequently, Aly read still another viewer email, from “James,” that said that he and his wife were co-workers, started dating on Valentine’s Day, and had been married for eleven years. As she did, Clayton priapically deadpanned, “Congratulations. Another ‘happy ending.'” Abruptly stopping mid-sentence, a lusty Aly rolled her eyes at Clayton, bowed her head, and licked her lips. Meanwhile, Dave’s eyes widened as he burst out in laughter and then looked down in disbelief. Reveling in his success, a goatish Clayton slightly smiled and nodded his head in satisfaction.

This F&FW story a little late: But, anotherhappy ending”?

Fox & Friends Weekend – 02/13/11 (@ 8:32 a.m. ET)

Clayton: “My Beautiful Wife Natali”

December 26, 2010

Unveiled! Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Clayton Morris finally introduced his new bride Natali Morris nee Del Conte to his F&FW audience on Christmas Day. Almost five months ago, co-anchor Dave Briggs had teased viewers with her identity when referring to the mother of Clayton’s newly arrived child as merely Natali. More recently, approximately two weeks ago, Clayton briefly displayed an album of his son Miles (which included photos of Natali with Miles) but made no mention of Natali. However, yesterday, Clayton proudly showed off Natali to his F&FW fans and proudly proclaimed her to be “my beautiful wife Natali.”

In the final segment of the 2010 Fox & Friends Christmas edition Friday, producers aired holiday photos of the on-air co-hosts’ respective families. When a photo of a duo of diminutive dogs with bows in their hair ran, Ainsley intoned, ” Here are my babies. That’s Sacks Fifth Avenue on the left and Sassy Girl on the right.”* Then, as a pic of Dave and his family appeared sitting in front of the Christmas tree, Dave declared, “My family, my wife Brandi, my beautiful kids, Emerson and William. Merry Christmas to you guys!” Subsequently, as a photograph of Clayton (holding Miles) and Natali standing in front of the Christmas tree aired, Clayton announced, “And, there’s my beautiful wife Natali and my first little bundle of joy Miles on his first Christmas.”

Yes, Clayton may have appeared to have wait a wee bit long to introduce his new wife Natali to all of the Fox & Friends Weekend family. However, perhaps, appropriately, Clayton waited until this season of love and Advent to introduce her. Regardless, Merry Christmas, Natali!

Fox & Friends – 12/25/10 (@ 9:59 a.m. ET)

Clayton: Natali Who?

December 12, 2010

“My son [Miles Benjamin Morris] here.”* And, his mother by his side is, Mr. Morris? Sorry, Fox & Friends fans, still no introduction necessary, apparently. Interestingly, F&FW co-host Clayton Morris seems to be taking the Prince Charles tact when it comes to introducing his new wife Natali Morris nee Del Conte to his F&FW fans.

As the reader may remember, reported in April that it had received a “tip” that married F&FW co-anchor Clayton and a certain guest, Natali Del Conte, were having an affair; that this same Natali was rumored to be pregnant with their love child; and that Clayton’s then wife [Sara Batterson] had filed for divorce. Since then, Clayton and Natali have both acknowledged the birth of their son Miles (July 27) and have subsequently married (October 20). However, in the author’s memory, Clayton has never disclosed on Fox & Friends that Natali Del Conti is his wife. (N.B. During a Clayton-diaper-changing segment shortly after Mile’s birth, co-host Dave Briggs appeared to begin Natali’s introduction to the F&FW audience for Clayton by crediting Natali by first name for sending in the video.) Today, when given a perfect opportunity to do so, Clayton avoided it.

During a segment entitled “Gadget Gift Guide: Clayton’s Top Tech Picks for Mom” with co-anchors Dave and Alisyn Camerota, Clayton touted MacBook Air with an app iLife that helps one generate photo-albums. Picking up one such album, Clayton commented, “I created this one of my son here.” Subsequently, pointing to the album named “Miles Benjamin Morris 2010” (with a darling cover photo of Clayton’s son), Aly interjected, “Now, see, I want this but I want it with pictures of Miles because he’s the cutest baby in the world.” Proudly opening up the album for the viewers to enjoy, Clayton displayed three more photos (one of Miles alone and two others of him with his loving mom Natali). Oddly, of his beautiful new bride Natali, Clayton uttered nary a word.

At least, not yet.

*Fox & Friends – December 12, 2010 (@ 9:55 a.m. ET)

Clayton Weds Natali

October 21, 2010

Today  CNET news anchor Natali Del Conte announced that she and Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Clayton Morris tied the knot yesterday. During CNET’s 404 Podcast, the beautiful bride also revealed that they had wed in a “very little ceremony” at city hall during her lunch break. As to her new hubby, she proudly proclaimed, “He is an amazing father [to their almost three-month-old son, Miles Benjamin Morris]….He’s a better father than I ever, ever could have imagined.” Blissfully, she gushed, “I’ve been so lucky!”

Best wishes, Natali, and congratulations, Clayton!

H/t: Carpe Diem reader Michael.

Clayton Likes 2 “Peep”

October 9, 2010

“Tasty treat,” Aly? Almost two years ago, Fox & Friends co-anchor Dave Briggs was exposed as a “leaf peeper” by the saucy Domenica Davis, F&FW‘s former guest weathergal: Today, it was co-host Clayton Morris who was likewise outed by a rather risque Rick Reichmuth, FNC’s chief meteorologist. After Rick ribbed him about liking to leaf peep during his first second hour weather forecast, Clayton racily remarked, “That’s peeping, not necessarily leaf peeping.”* (Regaled, co-anchor Alisyn Camerota closed her eyes, bowed her head, and laughed heartily: meanwhile, Dave beamed broadly, arched his eye brows, and rolled his eyes.)

Almost an hour and half later, perhaps, remembering his peculiar proclivity, Aly apparently found Clayton particularly appetizing. During a segment with an on-set, charity-auction bust of Kevin Bacon made of bacon, a clowning Clayton picked at the sculpture as if for an errant ort. Seemingly, amused at his antics, Aly instructed, “Just lick it, Clayton!”** Subsequently, as Dave coaxed Clayton into putting his face side-by-side with the sculpture, Dave noted, “Bacon Kevin Bacon and Clayton look a little bit alike.” Interjecting racily, Aly remarked, “You’re right. And, they both taste delicious. Two tasty treats!”

Aly, Ms. Del Conte would concur.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 10/09/10 (@8:07 a.m. ET)

**Fox & Friends Weekend – 10/09/10 (@9:32 a.m. ET)

Natali: “My Baby Boy Miles”

August 1, 2010

Clayton is his father. Sunday CNET TV anchor Natali Del Conte confirmed Sunday that she is indeed that “Natali” that is the mother of Clayton’s child, Miles Benjamin Morris. In a Tweet yesterday evening, Natali stated, “My baby boy Miles made his first network TV appearance today! He’s a star!!” In this missive, she linked to the Fox & Friends Weekend video entitled, “Welcome Miles Benjamin Morris! Clayton shares photos and home movies of his newborn son.”

In that clip played on F&FW Sunday morning, Clayton is shown at home changing the diaper of his son for the very first time. Co-anchor Dave Briggs stated that the video had been sent in by Miles’ mother and identified her only as “Natali.” Even though viewers may have had little question as to her identity, Natali herself removed all doubts Sunday evening in her Tweet.

Welcome, Miles!

Clayton: Daddy 2B!

June 20, 2010

“Happy Father’s Day soon to you [Clayton Morris]: Soon enough it will be Happy Father’s Day for you.”* So declared Fox & Friends colleague Dave Briggs to co-host Clayton as a beaming co-anchor Alisyn Camerota gave Clayton her rapt attention. Biting his fingernail and grinning sheepishly, Clayton confirmed, “To me. Isn’t that crazy? Yeah, I’m going to be a new dad.”

Smiling, Clayton bent down on the curvy couch, saying, ” I got a new gift actually already…. Check this out.” When he proudly displayed a baby jumper with his fave Phillies emblazoned on it, Aly cooed, “Oh, my gosh. That’s adorable.” Interjecting, Dave asked, “Now we don’t know boy or girl yet, right?” Clayton answered, “No, don’t know boy or girl so we have to get neutral colors and a lot of dots.”

In response, Dave promised, “I will get some Rockies, Red Sox gear on the way for little Morris.” Aly kiddingly added, “I’ll get some pink stuff.” Turning serious, she stated, “We’re very excited about a new member of the Fox & Friends family. Concurring, Dave exclaimed, “Congratulations!”

Interestingly, Clayton, apparently now divorced from Sara Batterson, failed to mention the mother-to-be of his child. However, yesterday Clayton’s rumored paramour Natali del Conte (who is expecting her baby in August) Tweeted, “My mom and sister are throwing me the baby shower of the century today. Big production at the Del Conte house today.” Like Clayton, Del Conte does not know if her baby is a boy or a girl according to  del Conte’s response to a Twitter follower. N.B. To the author’s knowledge, neither Clayton nor del Conte has publicly confirmed rumors that Clayton is the father.

*Fox & Friends Weekend (Sunday) – 06/20/10 (@8:32 a.m. ET)

Kilmeade: “You’re the Anti-Clayton”

April 14, 2010

Was Fox & Friends co-anchor Brian Kilmeade so accusing Carpe Diem yesterday? (The author was cited by Mediaite Monday for the “backstory” on its apparent scoop of F&F Weekend co-host Clayton Morris’ love life? No, actually, F&F’s double entendre don was directing that declaration toward his co-anchor Gretchen Carlson after she facetiously claimed to “know so much about technology.”* When to Brian’s jest, the conservative former Miss America responded, “No, I would love to be Clayton,” this viewer did wonder if, perhaps, a little subtle F&F damage control had already begun.

As cable news junkies doubtlessly know by now, Monday Mediaite disclosed, “Here’s the tip, and here’s the info we have: Clayton Morris, co-host of Fox & Friends, has an extramarital affair with CNET host, Natali del Conte…rumors circulating that he is the father of pregnant Del Conte. Wife of Clatyon [Sara Batterson Morris] has filed for divorce.” Mediate further reported that sources had indicated that Del Conte was gravid and that her pregnancy had been a matter of discussion at Fox News. The media news blog added that it had “reached out to Del Conte” and Fox News: even though a statement from Del Conte apparently was not forthcoming, a Fox News spokesperson tersely stated, “We don’t comment on the personal lives of talent.”

Carpe Diem has contacted Clayton but he has not made a reply for the record yet. When/if the popular Fox & Friends responds with a statement for his F&F fans and his Twitter followers, the author will fully and fairly report it. Hopefully, he will soon.

[Clayton Morris is also the co-feature of the Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe podcasts.]

* Fox & Friends – 04/13/10 (@6:31 a.m. ET)