Banderas Recants Apology

And, deletes other related Tweets! After asserting her “passion for animal rights” and her decision not to run the Trampoline Bear video again on her weekend Fox Report last evening to her Twitter followers, Julie Banderas has taken it all back. I.e., she scrubbed her Twitter page of that particular Tweet, a follow-up one, and related reTweets. However, as Julie should know, the omitted Tweets and RT’s in chronological order can be found elsewhere, e.g.,, and are as follow:

JulieBanderas I’d like to go on the record by saying all who know me are aware of my passion for animal rights. I would never (cont)
JulieBanderas I decided to kill the video long before any writeups and PETA had nothing to do with it
JulieBanderas its the same video replayed RT @Nate592 : @JulieBanderas Is the bear alert always the same video or is it different ones?
JulieBanderas Thx! was on last wknd RT @Russell_Hansen :How could any1 ever believe u wouldn’t have only the deepest love 4 animals? I miss u being on fox!

Unfortunately, Julie has done a similar scrubbing to her Twitter page before when she caught flack from followers for support of Alan Colmes (after Red Eye‘s Andy Levy quit following Alan for his use of the derogatory term “teabaggers” for Tea Party members. After Carpe Diem’s “Julie: ‘I’m Following You Now, Alan’” article about her deletions, did Julie think that she could pull it off this time without detection? Or, perhaps, did she gave in to pressure from her Fox News superiors or her weekday counterpart Shepard Smith?

Regardless, Julie made the wrong decision. She was right when she initially said, “I’d like to go on the record by saying all who know me are aware of my passion for animal rights. I would never condone animal cruelty and have informed my producers not to air the bear on a trampoline video on my show ever again.”

Since Julie has deleted her statement from the record, Julie’s Fox News fans and Twitter followers deserve to know where she now stands: I.e., did she really mean what she said about animal rights and the offensive bear video or not?

Update: A hopeful omen today from Julie’s colleague, Shepard Smith. In his first “Bear Alert” (07/27/10 with Jack Hanna on Studio B) since Julie’s Tweets, supra, and their erasure, he did not follow it up with the offensive Trampoline Bear footage.

Update2: A second propitious sign today from Shep. On Fox Report this evening (07/27/10), Shep recounted the earlier “Bear Alert” on Studio B (albeit abbreviated) sans Trampoline Bear video.

Stay tuned.

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10 Responses to “Banderas Recants Apology”

  1. Banderas’ “Teachable Moment”? « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] Update2: Julie scrubs her Twitter page: Banderas animal rights statement and her decision to not ever air the Trampoline Bear vid again on her weekend Fox Report are called into question. […]

  2. crispy Says:

    Jakeho please stop using words I have to look up in the dictionary

  3. Al Says:

    ^ Looking up words in the dictionary is good for your brain. Trust me on this.

    This morning I was going to post my bet that Ms. Banderas would still show the video. I wish I had taken the time to do so. She has proven herself to be an animal lover and nothing about enjoying the silly video detracts from that.

  4. M. Davey Says:

    OHMIGOSH! Who cares? There is a video of a nun who fell while playing baseball in someone’s back yard. That has caused no concern. Release the bear into the wild (way into the wild) and let it all go!

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  7. Josh Says:

    The bear was back in all his glory. So much for Julie’s claim.

  8. Banderas: “Not My Fault” « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] Julie Banderas (who has renounced the video, has banished it from her show forever but also has strangely purged those very proclamations from her Twitter page), Fox Report producers appeared to search for a middle ground. And, […]

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