Ashleigh & the Gals: Too Much Estrogen?

Early Start’s Ashleigh Banfield: “It’s killing me!” The very ES co-anchor who heralded the “brand new line-up…of [CNN] morning tv–all girls” less than three weeks ago* seemed less than thrilled with the estrogen overload on her show today. After an ES segment on the State of the Union speech this morning with three women panelists (of whom two of the them continued to go at it beyond their allotted time), Ashleigh exclaimed, “I can’t stop you two! We got five women (herself, co-host Zoraida Sambolin, and the panelists) on going on this TV right now: It’s killing me!”**

Not too surprising. With Jaqui Jeras covering for her “Mr. Dreamy” a/k/a Rob Marciano today, Ashleigh appeared to need a fresh infusion of some early  morning testosterone. But with her erstwhile A.M. Adonis gone, the comely Cannuck seemed eager to embrace another male this early morn–but, to no avail.

Perhaps, Ken Jautz’s morning all-girl world is not all that it is supposed to be. For Ashleigh. Or, her audience.

* Early Start – 01/05/12 (@ 6:50 a.m ET)

**Ibid at 01/25/12 (@ 5:40 a.m. ET)

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5 Responses to “Ashleigh & the Gals: Too Much Estrogen?”

  1. tedcohen Says:

    What’s the latest on Soledad v. the Romans? The Romans One didn’t seem her fakely bubbly self today as Ms. Obrien quizzed her on her numbers. I give Soledad the edge in this cat fight, no?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Romans numeral is 6. That is the over/under on the number of months till O’Briens boring show is axed.

    Interviewing bumpkins at a coffee shop in Podunk, USA , is that news????

    Sorry Soul-a-dad, we prefer C.Ro & Carol Coz rockin’ the AM couch.

  3. tedcohen Says:

    Agree – Soledad vastly overrated.

    Romans numerals also flat.

    Time for whole new slate.

    Bring back Chetry!

  4. tv22 Says:

    The only thing that will be off the air sooner than Soledad is that horrid show before it. I just find Ashleigh Banfield way too much to take. Dump her, keep Zoraida, maybe get her a good co-host.

  5. Rob Marciano: I’ve Got Butt Implants « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] Rob Marciano brought in some much needed testosterone, albeit a low dose, to the usually “all girl” Early Start. With co-anchor Ashleigh Banfield gone for the week, Ali sat in her place, perhaps, to test run a […]

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