Shep’s Trampoline Bear: PETA MIA

The exploitation of the “trampoline bear” by Studio B‘s Shepard Smith must come to an end. [Unfortunately, this almost seven-year-old video is shown periodically on not only Studio B but also other programs on both FNC (and CNN) ad nauseum–literally.] At the end of today’s broadcast, Shep aired a story about a Monrovia, CA, bear that had been tranquilized: subsequently, he joyfully ran the 2003 video of the Missoula, MT, black bear that was similarly tranquilized, fell from its tree, hit the trampoline underneath, and sprung back high into the air, and then crashed face first into the ground. Thereafter, Shep laughed uproariously and remarked, “Trampoline bear makes Monday even palatable.”*

Really, Shep? Running this story once as news on September 10, 2003 by news organizations is understandable but to air it continually thereafter seems inexplicable. It is almost as if you have a cross-species schadenfraude or perverse pleasure derived from the obvious pain of this black bear (albeit upon its awakening). Even if you and other TV news personalities have no subjective ill intent, you should reconsider your actions and remember the messages that you are sending to the children and to the general public.

Unfortunately, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), apparently, has not yet uttered a word. It should. And, now.

Studio B – 06/07/10 (@3:57 p.m.)

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12 Responses to “Shep’s Trampoline Bear: PETA MIA”

  1. Teresa Says:

    Agreed! Shep show some of that mentality you have for this poor bear.

  2. hgb3 Says:

    Hear, hear! Mr. Smith is a bit childish at times (many times), and this video has been run into the proverbial ground once too often. If he desires comic relief for Monday’s viewers, then he should substitute the current video of the bear’s discomfiture for one of the following:

    1. Jose Canseco’s misplaying of the fly ball which bounced off of his head for a home run.

    2. The Canadian singer (Caroline Marcil) who forgot the words to the US National Anthem at a US-Canada hockey match, ran off the ice, came back, and in the process slipped down on the ice.

    3. The Hindenburg disaster.

    Vote now and vote often! BTW, Mr. Jakeho, I have finally updated my weblog with a nod to the great French prophet! (No, not Jean Cauvin.)

  3. Al Says:

    That trampoline bear video is hilarious… in the same fashion as it is funny to see someone paying too much attention to their cell phone and walking into the side of a passing bus. As long as they’re ok afterward, it’s funny. The bear was fine.

  4. crispy Says:

    Well at least it got him off the oil story for a minute.

  5. denedg Says:

    Lighten up, folks! You’re taking life too seriously. The bear-trampoline video was fun to watch when it was first aired, and it’s still funny today. Most of the news reported is depressing anyway, so a little levity at the end of the show once in awhile is a nice bit of fresh air.

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