Kyra Crashes Kiran’s Namaskaar

Kyra: “Alright, I’m gonna break it up here!” And, so she did. Yesterday American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry bid her audience a teary goodbye at the end of the show. Before segueing to CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips, Kiran announced, “I’m not gonna cry. But, I just want to tell you guys–as some of you know, today is gonna be my last day here at CNN. It’s gonna be my last day at America Morning.”

With her co-hosts Christine Romans and Ali Velshi seated beside her on the new divan, Kiran declared, “Before I leave, I just wanted to thank everyone, all of you out there for letting me into your living rooms each morning for the past nearly five years. I’ve enjoyed it.” Pointing to Aly and Christine, she continued, “I feel very lucky to have been able to work with wonderful, kind, dedicated people here at CNN.”

As she spoke, the camera briefly showed attentive AM staffers standing nearby: Reaching out to them literally, Kiran remarked, “Look at my buddies. Oh, can we take that shot again, please?” As the cameraman consequently panned back to include not only the staffers but also the floor crew, Kiran commented, “These people come in before midnight day after day after day. We work hard to get it right: But, through it all we have always found a way to laugh and enjoy our work.”

Then, addressing her AM audience again, Kiran tearfully concluded, “So, I’m terrible at goodbyes. I’m not going to say, ‘goodbye.’ I’m gonna say, ‘See you soon.'” Turning toward Christine and Ali, she said, “And, to both of you, it’s been a pleasure.” Then after kissing Christine and Ali au revoir, Kiran waved to the audience, saying, “Thanks, guys!”

Then, just as Kiran softly began to conclude her final namaskaar to her AM fans and then to toss to CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips, Kyra gauchely interrupted. Brassily, she declared, “Alright, I, I’m gonna break it up.” Gracefully, Kiran softly and simultaneously continued, “And, I promise to keep in touch. CNN Newsroom with Kyra Phillips starts now.”

True to her ill-timed promise, Kyra declared, “We’re gonna go back to that shot, Kiran, of Petey [AM floor director].”  As Kiran laughed uncomfortably at Kyra’s strange interruption, Kyra unabashedly continued, “Let’s go to Petey. Let’s get another shot of Petey there. ” Graciously, Kiran concurred, “Let’s go one more time.” Oddly fixated on this “Petey,” Kyra continued, “Yeah, because Petey will make us laugh. Petey is the one.”

As the cynosure of the camera changed from Kiran to Petey, Kyra continued, “There he is. Give us a shout-out. There we go.” Apparently, trying rightfully to regain the spotlight, Kiran commented, “Guess what, Kyra. Kyra, Petey said to me [that] he is going to learn to email just so that he can keep in touch with me. You know what an honor that is.”

Apparently, realizing her patent faux pas, Kyra penitently responded, “Oh, yes. Kiran, you know…that’s why I went there because Petey has added so much joy to…the morning for you guys. And, he’s made you laugh and been a big part of making those mornings special for you. So, there we go: we won’t to leave on a [sic] upbeat note. Then she added, “Best of luck to you, Kiran.”

Smiling sweetly, Kiran tersely responded, “Thank you.”

[Author’s aside: To paraphrase Simon and Garfunkel, “What’s that you say, Mrs. Robinson, (er, ‘Mrs.’ Roberts)?” Comely Kiran has left and gone away. Hey, hey, hey, she barely got her say.]

Update: CNN vid entitled “It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later: Kiran’s last day at AM.” N.B. CNN producers wisely cut Kyra’s “crash” of Kiran’s farewell.

Update2: YouTube uncut video of Kiran’s goodbye.

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20 Responses to “Kyra Crashes Kiran’s Namaskaar”

  1. Nick Says:

    Gee…I wonder if that had anything to do with her hubby’s unceremonious departure.

    Here’s the video of which Jakeho speaks:

  2. jakeho Says:

    Nick, I appreciate your posting the Kiran/Kyra video. Unfortunately, I was unable to open it: however, hopefully, others can. If they can’t, they can find a non-HD clip at the link, infra.


  3. Nick Says:

    That’s fine jakeho but for future reference if you can download it but it won’t play try MPC media player. Many players can’t play the .mts format. I could explain but this isn’t the forum to do so.

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