Shep the Schlep

Shepard still wallowing in his own vomit. And, Fox News is still enabling the Ole Miss good old boy that failed to graduate–or mature. Friday, on Fox Report, Shep de Sade (er, Shep de Sad) once again exploited the black bear, ironically, the mascot of his beloved school, during yet another infamous “Bear Alert.”

After reporting on an Alaskan-black-bear-hibernation study, including video (more aptly, a “Cool Critters” segment), with potential benefits for astronauts on long missions, Shep seized the opportunity to air gratuitously yet again the cringe-inducing excerpt of the Trampoline Bear video. As he concluded his story, Shep jested that instead of aiding human astronauts, that “we could just bounce the bears into space.”* Of course, he simultaneously ran the repugnant eight-year-old footage of a tranquilized black bear’s horrific headfirst plunge into an unforgiving terra firma.

Most disconcerting was–and is–Shep’s ignoble glee in the black bear’s plight. If he treats animals so poorly on television, one may ask if he treats humans much better off of it. E.g., did Shep really stand up heroically for the Hurricane Katrina victims or did he simply Pharisaically pose for his Fox News fans.

It’s high time for FNC to tell Shep to shape up or ship out!

*Fox Report with Shepard Smith – 02/18/11 (@ 7:57 p.m. ET)

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7 Responses to “Shep the Schlep”

  1. Dave Richards Says:

    Are you really that hard up for a story to post something like this?

    Get a freaking sense of humor.

  2. Al Says:

    Equating his airing of a funny bear video with Smith’s sincerity on the plight of humans after a disaster is shameful.

    One more time, jake… the bear wasn’t hurt, nothing ‘horrific’ about it, and it was tranquillised by professional fish & wildlife officers and set free out of town.

    There are real cases of animal cruelty happening every day and, if anything, your constant harping on this false claim hurts our cause.

  3. jakeho Says:

    No shame, here, Al. Shep is the one who shamefully (yet shamelessly) delights in the plight of that black bear time after time. And, no, it’s not funny.

    Al, I do appreciate your sharing your opinion even though I assuredly disagree.

  4. Billie Taylor Says:

    This is as low as a hate site can sink.

  5. Aimeslee Says:

    Jake, chill out, dude. I’ll agree, Shep’s completely immature when it comes to bears, but to me it is a small price to pay/endure for getting a moderate view of the news on FNC. Take the WI union protests: it broke on Thursday late day as I recall after Shep’s 2nd show, and all night long we heard nada about the governor’s goal of stripping collective bargaining in hopes of making it a right-to-work state. It wasn’t until Shep the next day where he gave both sides. Say what you will, Shep is a valuable component of FNC because comparatively he really is fair, balance and unafraid…to speak the truth on the news as he sees it as much as one can on that station. And since the rest of the media has lurched so far left, FNC really is the fair and balanced one in comparison. So, please don’t even suggest that Shep be booted. Go take a bathroom break or something when the bear comes on. He’s been rationing it. It used to be every fricking day….

  6. Aimeslee Says:

    Oh, P.S.: for background, I’ve lived all my life in Texas, a right-to-work state, my husband is in a union, and we both think all states should be r-t-w’s. I brought that example up to assert that I really have to have both sides in my news, and of all the newscasters, Shep is right up there providing that. I get more upset with Bill O. and his Catholic evangelical diatribes. He’s who I’d love to tell Shape Up or Ship Out. :-))

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