Brian’s Love Tap

Aly: Yes, I’ve been the recipient. Yesterday, Fox & Friends co-anchor Alisyn Camerota appeared to remember that F&F fan favorite video of yore, i.e., the footage of her being playfully slapped on the bum by her co-host Brian Kilmeade years ago after an F&F sports report.

During a segment on a conservative Muslim government official in Indonesia who rued his handshake with Michelle Obama, co-host Brian Kilmeade opined, “Everyone has their own policy and quirks. But, not touching any women outside your family, that is not a common policy.” Smiling, co-anchor Steve Doocy declared, “You mean handshaking.” Brian deadpanned, “Handshaking women. I, I will shake women’s hands. Personally, and so will you, Steve. Right?”

Raising her eyebrows at Brian, Aly smirked, “Yes. I’ve been the recipient.” Perhaps, trying to distract his audience from their risque recollections, Steve said, “Put her there” as he shook Aly’s hand and Brian followed up with a fist bump. However, Aly’s suggestion of a more intimate touching resounded in the author’s ear. And, Brian’s errant slap of Aly’s arse long ago would assuredly qualify.

[Author’s aside: Carpe Diem reader, do you remember that classic F&F moment? If so, please supply a link thereto for newer fans who do not even know about it. Unfortunately, F&F has appeared to try to bury that video.]

Fox & Friends – 11/10/10 (@ 8:07 a.m. ET)

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2 Responses to “Brian’s Love Tap”

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  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, I remember clearly Brian smacked Alisyn on the her butt. On air, she to her husband call me right now.

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