The Good Shepard Hydes

FNC’s genteel Dr. Jeckyll, the good Shepard Smith, transmogrified into the hideous Mr. Hyde on Studio B but later returned to his saner self on the Fox Report. On Studio B, Shep reveled anew in the cruel Trampoline Bear video as he inserted it twice into his “Bear Alert” on an unrelated Lake Tahoe bear burglar report. However, later, when he ran the same story again on Fox Report, Shep found the decency to cut the offending frames (of the black bear crumpling under its own weight as it plunged headfirst into the hard ground) from the clip.** Just who the hell is Fox News’ Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde? Flim Flam, Bim Bam, Ole Miss, by Damn!

*Studio B – 08/25/10 (@3:55 p.m. ET)

**Fox Report – 08/25/10 (@7:28 p.m. ET)

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6 Responses to “The Good Shepard Hydes”

  1. Tom B. Says:

    Still at it, Jake? Tsk..tsk..tsk. Okay, the video MAY not be funny per se, but the way Shep has fun with it is. Oh, and the protests against it are even funnier. If you think Shep will change his ways I suggest you pack many a lunch. You’ll be eating them–by yourself–in a very well-lit padded room for years to come. At least you’ll never run out of stuff to write about.

  2. Col. Jasper T. Gibbs, Mississippi Greys, 9th Regiment Says:

    Sir, you have besmirched the honor and valor of The University fight song by such an ignoble application of the same to such a sordid subject as an unfortunate bear festooned by an equally importunate trampoline.

    I will give you 5 days in which to remove the Hoddy Toddy Fight Song reference, or face the consequences.

    ….Oh, I wish I was in the land of…….(aw, shaddap!)

  3. jakeho Says:

    Shep still is, Tom B. Someone should keep calling him out on it. W/ Shep’s obsession w/ the Trampoline Bear, he may be the one in that “well-lit padded room” viewing his Trampoline Bear on a continual loop.

  4. jakeho Says:

    Colonel Reb, just grab another mint julep!

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