Ainsley Earhardt: A Real “Heel”!

Ainz: from”nude” to”rude.” Believe it or not! Fox & Friends First co-host Ainsley Earhardt finally got a brand new pair of shoes and rocked the set in her sexy, strappy red stilettos. For the sweet Southern belle who seemed to almost always don the very same, stinky (surely, by now) bland Crayola flesh-colored shoes on F&FW that she first wore on its debut on March 5, the change must have been a fresh breath of air–at least, for her feet. It certainly was a welcome relief for the aesthetically-deprived eyes of Ainsley’s fans.

Perchance, at last, Ainsley took the author’s advice and let her co-anchor and footwear fashion aficionado, Juliet Huddy, take her shoe shopping. Regardless, she sports some “real heels” now. Bravo, Ainz!

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4 Responses to “Ainsley Earhardt: A Real “Heel”!”

  1. C.JJames Says:

    With legs like hers who looks at her shoes

  2. motownman Says:

    She should use her shoe to kick you in the shins, Jake. Why do you feel so threatened by Ainsley?

  3. boogiewoogee Says:


  4. boogiewoogee Says:

    With that new young blonde Anna Kooiman, there’s no need for Ainsley anymore. She’s much more professional and versatile. And younger.

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