Roginsky’s Baby Boy: Zachary Peter [Update: Pic]

Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky announced the birth of her newborn son yesterday. In response to a well-wishing Steve Kornacki (Salon political writer) who Tweeted, “Welcome to the world, Zachary Peter Roginsky, and congratulations to @julieroginsky, who will make a great mom,” she RT’d him and replied, “Thank you!!” According to a trusted source, Zachary was born on May 27; weighed seven pounds eleven ounce; and measured 22 inches. Hopefully, Julie will share a few photos and added details with her Tweets soon about the happy occasion.

Congratulations, Julie!

Update: On June 2, Julie shared a photo of her and her darling son (via an RT’d of a Steve Karnacki Tweet.

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3 Responses to “Roginsky’s Baby Boy: Zachary Peter [Update: Pic]”

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  2. rferry Says:

    who is the the baby;s father Roger or maybe Jon Corzine

  3. Gil Jaquith Says:

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