Martha MacCallum: Mrs. or Ms.?

“Miss”ing her marital band. This morning, America’s Newsroom co-host Martha MacCallum did not don her wedding ring as usual. Initially, Martha seemed to deftly hide her left hand with her right one. However, on a few occasions, Martha did reveal her naked ring finger clearly.*

Perhaps, the blond beauty married to Gregory Packaging, Inc. VP Daniel John Gregory for almost ten years simply forgot her connubial symbol today, or, perchance, it was being cleaned. In fact, Martha did not appear ready to attract too much attention from any new male admirer. Rather, Martha donned her more demure apparel, sporting a short-sleeved, crew-necked, and long-hemmed fir green dress.

Incidentally or not, Martha was profiled by (201) Magazine in an article entitled “Holiday Look: Martha MacCallum and her family get dressed up to celebrated” on December 9, 2011, that seemingly featured her herself and her three children but not her hubby. Her man Daniel was mentioned but he did not appear in any of the seven pics that accompanied Martha’s profile. However, Martha was wearing her wedding ring in the photos.

Martha: Mrs. or Ms.? Stay tuned.

*America’s Newsroom – 03/28/12 (@ 9:25 a.m. and 9:42 a.m. ET)

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15 Responses to “Martha MacCallum: Mrs. or Ms.?”

  1. BOHICA00 Says:

    Noticed it was missing for a few weeks.

  2. jakeho Says:

    Good eye, Bohica00! Cf., infra, for a pic of her on Super Tuesday (March 6) without her wedding ring.


  3. hgb3 Says:

    Emily Post says that you should address all women as MS. since you….you…..well, you just never can be sure, now can you?

    JK, I’ve updated my blog; have a look (link on my name). It contains more double, triple and quadruple allusions than ever. Read CAREFULLY.

  4. Joe Says:

    I don’t think she is getting a divorce, she’s to good of a catholic and loves her family very much.

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  9. Phil Says:

    I think it will come out soon that she’s with someone else

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  11. cw Says:

    I lost all respect for her when she uncontrollably laughed at a serious fall involving a lady in a wheelchair. I wont watch her on Oreilly anymore either. Ill turn the channel.

  12. Steve Says:

    I saw her with a diamond band on her ring finger today. They finger has been naked for awhile. What gives?

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  14. Tony Says:

    She is still happily married , she has two sons and one daughter,and her husband is a nice guy also

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