Briggs Responds: “My Wife Can Do Whatever She Wants”

Fox & Friends co-host Dave Briggs responded promptly to Carpe Diem’s “Briggs: I Don’t Let My Wife Drive.” Not pleased with the author’s characterization of his assertion as chauvinistic, Dave penned the comment as follows:

“My wife can do whatever she wants whenever she wants. I made an attempt [at] a joke, albeit a poor one. Please don’t take things so literal in the future. No man who marries a strong, smart, driven lawyer is a chauvinist.”

In a follow-up, Dave iterated that his much beloved wife, who he regularly acknowledges is smarter than he is, can obviously do “whatever/whenever she so chooses.” He good-naturedly maintained, “However, I am a better driver.”

Even though Dave did not send his statement through Fox New’s e-mail address, the one which he used and a subsequent e-mail therefrom seems to verify his identity.

Dave, I accept your word and apologize for my description of your remark and any consequent discomfit that I may have caused you.

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8 Responses to “Briggs Responds: “My Wife Can Do Whatever She Wants””

  1. Kep Says:

    Well, at least you know these tv people do read this stuff once in a while!

    When I look back at the former male co-hosts of the weekend show and compare them with the current cast, the differences couldn’t be more clear. Dave and Clayton just don’t seem to have it, period. Neither one has an attractive personality or anything that really makes them unique. They’re just so-so.

  2. Al Says:

    Fox & Friends is a unique format that’s not suited for everyone. Three’s a crowd so getting just the right mix of personalities has to be difficult. Mike Jerrick was more of a goofball when he was host of F&FW than is Clayton Morris, but he had Juliet Huddy around to showcase his endearing side… and their chemistry together is now well known. Julian Phillips was a completely different personality type and he fit in well with those two but not so well with anyone else.

    Oh well, figuring it out is why they pay somebody the big bucks. I think Dave has it, though… whatever that “it”‘ is.

  3. jakeho Says:

    As to male co-hosts, Kep, who do think had “it”?

    Al, you are on the money as to Mike and Julian.

  4. Al Says:

    Alisyn Camerota works hard at making her co-hosts look good. Can’t tell from this side of the camera if she even realises she’s doing that, but it does appear that both Dave and Clayton are aware of her efforts.

    Yeah, I’m practicing what I’ve picked up in Tonya Reiman’s body language book.

  5. lurkerlou Says:

    Mike doesn’t need Juliet around to make any show he’s on work. Sometimes it’s even annoying having them paired up together since they are sooooo close. He’s just a funny witty guy like Doocy and Kilmeade. They are what I call the 3 Kings. Hard to top them for a morning show, although I never watch the Mike and Juliet show. I can’t stand the fluffyness of it, that’s made for women to watch…

    I can’t stand Clayton, really annoying but I did like his segment today on the IPhone lol. Dave Briggs is okay, nothing like the 3 Kings. Seems to know his news stuff, doesn’t crap out on the teleprompter or studder like Heather Nauert and I kind of like his interview style. He doesn’t interupt the guests, let’s them say what they gotta say and the show and tell product segments are very good with him too. Plus he knows his sports and I don’t think he’s a liberal.

    If Page was there instead of Clayton, I think this pairing would be pretty good.

  6. Boogiewoogee Says:

    We still think the bosses should bounce Claytoon and put Rick Reichmuth on the curvy couch with Aly and Dave. Since Aly returned to the show, Claytoon isn’t as dominant and Dave has been better, in our opinion. We agree with lurkerlou’s assessment of him.

  7. Tom B. Says:

    Mike Jerrick? Ew! I repeat, Ew! Put Claytoon’s and Jerrick’s heads together and you know what they make out of themselves. But then again, they’re that without eachother.

  8. Dave Briggs: Surviving Chauvinism? « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] my wife drive whenever she wants—just not when I'm in the car." In response to the author, Dave defensively declared, "My wife can do whatever she want. I made an attempt [at] a joke, albeit a poor one….No man […]

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