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Guess Who’s Back: Ali’s Back!

December 20, 2008

To the tune of Eminem’s “Without Me,” Ali “Shady” Velshi returned yesterday to American Morning to tout his prime time special, “Gimme My Money Back.” Oddly, he was aping AM’s co-anchor John Roberts’ tieless look: not a good look for H-POD, the Hairless Prophet of Doom. Roberts was psyched to have his sartorial acolyte Ali back and gave him a Barack bump to celebrate his return. In fact, Roberts robustly gave him an awkward second knuckle knock when Aly told him that he would return for a whole week (in about two weeks). Co-host Kiran Chetry looked on with bemused amusement at Roberts’ juvenile gesticulation.

Hula Hoop Honey

June 5, 2008

American Morning’s Sunny Hostin had her “sexy groove on” (as Kyra Phillips observed) when promoting a Dr. Sanjay Gupta segment entitled “WII-Habilitation: Gaming for Your Health.” AM’s legal eagle shook “it like a Polaroid picture” as she performed in form-fitting black pants a hula hoop exercise geared toward couch potatoes young and old. (H-POD Ali Velshi bravely tried to compete with the hula hoop honey but to no avail. ) Welcome to CNN’s hottie realm, Sunny!