Carol: AM’s “No Life” Xmas Viewers

American Morning guest co-host Carol Costello won’t be doing promos for CNN’s morning news program any time soon. After her being late for yesterday’s show,  this morning her temp co-anchor Joe Johns teased, “Glad to see that you could make it!” In response, Carol replied, “I hope none of you were watching on Christmas Day because you actually do have a life.”

The former farm lass who used to have own gun and once butchered a bovine is, perhaps, a bit unconventional. However, Carol seems to keep her colleagues and her viewers on their toes with her refreshing shoot-from-the-hip candor. She’s no Kiran Chetry but she and Kyra Phillips are two pretty, pert peas in a pod.

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5 Responses to “Carol: AM’s “No Life” Xmas Viewers”

  1. Kep Says:

    When Carol and Kiran co-hosted together, they really had good chemistry. Two very pro-Obama, ultra feminist libs who can’t stand President Bush and seem to worship the ground Obama walks on. Maybe they should make this team permanent. Wait until the Freedom of Choice Act is signed by Obama-these women won’t be able to contain their excitement. The both of them come across as overtly pro-choice.

    In my opinion, John Roberts is on his way out of the morning tv scene. Costello would be a perfect replacement for him. So, she was late for AM? What happened? Maybe Carol and Kiran had a late night out?

  2. Tom B. Says:

    I didn’t see the program on Christmas Day, but I would love to see Carol replace J.D. Roberts. That creep is becoming creepier by the day. Let’s hope you’re opinion is right, Kep.

  3. Kep Says:

    Roberts isn’t cut out for morning tv, period. Prime time is his specialty, and that’s why I look for Klein and Company to move him to another spot in the new year. Now, as far as Kiran and John go, I think that they really love working together and act like they are good friends. In all of the times I’ve seen these two on the screen together, I’ve never witnessed a time when Kiran looked uncomfortable with Roberts. They acted like old friends from the first time they worked together. And the cherry on the sundae is that she no doubt shares Roberts liberal political views, while she was miles apart politically and culturally from those she worked with at Fox.

    Having said all of that, Carol Costello would be a good fit, and it seems that Kiran likes her a lot as well. Isn’t it absolutely exhilarating to see two women swooning over President Elect Obama in the early morning hours? He’s walking around Hawaii in his bathing trunks! Oh, what a bod!! Who cares if he sees nothing wrong with leaving living babies of botched abortions to die? He’s cool, and he’s going to “remake America”, and that’s all we care about!

    Nitwit media.

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