BFF: “Breast Friends 4 Fox”

Fox & Friends guest co-anchor Courtney Friel embraced her fans and meteorologist Domenica Davis close to her bosom this morning. For her Maxim fans, Courtney eschewed her earlier Hunker holiday habit in favor of a low-cut, hiked-high burgundy dress proudly presenting her womanly charms. For Domenica Davis, she complimented the Latin lovely on her hot pink top and dubbed her Double D. On F&F’s last Hooters’ 25th Anniversary celebration today, the theme of the day seemed to be BFF (“Breast Friends 4 Fox”).

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6 Responses to “BFF: “Breast Friends 4 Fox””

  1. Al Says:

    Reading this momentarily made me wish I had turned on F&F this morning. Then I realised Clayton Morris was hosting (which is about as bad as having to listen to Courtney Freil) and so that would require watching with the “mute” feature enabled.

  2. Boogiewoogee Says:

    For all the boys drooling at Britney’s “cleavage” there ain’t none. It’s all stuffing.

  3. Paige in PA Says:

    I had to write to Fox today through an email because Britney just is not the professional “news” person. It was painful to watch her and Claytoon and I had to turn to CNN. I wish that Fox would get some “donuts” and get rid of Britney, Claytoon, and Gretwitch Carlson, and bring back the real talent of Page Hopkins, and E.D. Hill.

  4. M. Davey Says:

    I promised I was going to let “them” all be. However, the two days with Courtney nearly killed me. First she gave away the ending of “Marley and Me”, and she talked like she had her jaws wired together. I guess someone told her to speak slowly and read accurately. However, I think she needs glasses, she just can’t even read what’s in front of her. Clayton is doing so much better and since he doesn’t “try” to be funny in every segment, he is really funny sometimes. He has overcome his nervousness and now knows what the fans like.
    Good luck to Fox in the new year and new administration. It’s going to be hard for a “fair and balanced” station to get along. “Fair” to liberals means being critical of conservatives and they complain every time anyone critiques them.
    Go Fox! You can do it if anyone can. I saw an advertisement last night saying that MSNBC has beat Fox on the nightly shows. I do like Nancy Grace and that other woman that used to sub for her, but we have Glen Beck now and still have Greta, so we can do it, guys.

  5. jakeho Says:

    M. Davey, as to Courtney, even though I knew that she would get grief about revealing the “Marley and Me” ending, I was happy to be spared a sentimental flick in which the dog dies in the end. In re Clayton, he is indeed improving under Aly’s tutelage. With regard to Nancy Grace, what do you like about her?

  6. Boogiewoogee Says:

    But then Claytoon reverts to being an a**hat when the vastly inferior Butterface or Britney sub in for Aly.

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