F&F Tortures Fans

With Roseanne Barr’s “Star-Spangled Banner.” Even if one is a fervid fan of Fox & Friends, s/he had good reason to turn off the show and spend time with his/her family during this holiday weekend. For some seemingly sadistic/sadomasochist reason, F&F producers repeatedly subjected viewers to an abbreviated Rosanne Barr’s chalk-on-the-black-board rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner over Independence Day weekend: Perhaps, F&F fans should have turned off their TV’s and spent that time with their loved ones even had they not been subjected to this horrid aural offense.

Such producer impertinence reminded the author of the time when CNN’s Carol Costello told her American Morning audience, “I hope none of you were watching on Christmas Day because you actually do have a life.” Yes, F&F, your viewers have a life, and we were watching: But, please don’t ever subject us to Rosanne Barr’s screech again. It may not be waterboarding, F&F: But, it was torture.

At least, F&F producers, you gave us Abby Huntsman‘s Proud American collaboration with American Young this morning to celebrate Independence Day. In fact, Abby wasn’t that bad: And, she looked even better. But, no more Rosanne singing ever!

5 Responses to “F&F Tortures Fans”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I did in fact turn off F&FW when they played that dispicable version of National Anthem. Foolishly I came back – but not for long. They kept running that trash like someone actually liked it. Come on folks you need to know who your audience is — and you know we do not like that woman!

  2. Karen Says:

    I hated it too! We can only hope the producers read this blog!

  3. jakeho Says:

    Anon, I continued to watch even though I cringed each and every time I heard–as you aptly described it–Rosanne Barr’s despicable version of the National Anthem. Karen, it was indeed horrid! As to producers reading this blog, I tend to think that they do: After awhile, they know who watches–and who really watches.

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