Oops: Aly Laughs at Her Most Loyal F&FW Fans!

But, Camerota quickly recants–as she throws her weekday Fox & Friends colleagues under the bus? Today, F&F Weekend co-anchor Alisyn Camerota made a rare gaffe at the expense of her most devoted votaries in the final hour of the show: to wit, she virtually scoffed at them for watching the entire Fox & Friends Weekend show. Ouch!

Ironically, as the last hour of F&FW started this morn, co-host Clayton Morris casually commented, “You’re watching Fox & Friends, the longest morning show in cable news. You don’t believe me? Hour four is starting right now.” Approximately ten minutes later in a discussion with Aly and co-anchor Tucker Carlson (of a study of how Americans spend their off-hours/day), Clayton noted, “Watching TV, two hours and fifty minutes…that seems low to me.” Incredulously, a wide-eyed, agape Aly laughed, “You think…almost three hours a day of television is low? That’s a lot!”

“Aly oops”! Subsequently, as the F&FW trio discussed other ways that Americans spent their diurnal off-duty time, producers apparently whispered in Aly’s ear. As she closed the segment, a seemingly chastened Aly observed that the statistics, including the television-watching one, were “fascinating”: Smiling, she pleaded, “We want you to watch four hours of television every Saturday and Sunday. Commit to that, America, starting at 6:00 a.m. (ET)!”

Callowly, Tucker chimed, “That’s your weekly recommended dose, and you can get it all done just on the weekends.” Concurring wholeheartedly, Aly exclaimed, “Yes, just in one fell swoop with us!” [Never mind their four-hour-per-day-weekdays counterparts (F&F First and F&F)–or even that Irish guy at night.]

Apparently, producers may have worried that their viewers may have suddenly felt disinclined to “waste” a full four hours watching Fox & Friends Weekend on the final day of Independence weekend–after all, Aly had laughed at their and their fellow Americans’ watching even two hours and fifty minutes per day. As F&FW signed off, an ebullient Aly said, “Tune in to us tomorrow: we’ll have all the latest for you, of course.” Pointing to their F&FW audience, Clayton aptly supplicated, “6 a.m. Eastern time, wake up! Set your alarm. Don’t miss a minute of it! Please!” Nodding her head, Aly added, “See you then!”

After her gaffe and laugh, Aly and her boys certainly hope so.

[Author’s aside: Aly’s faux pas reminded the author of another holiday-time solecism by CNN erstwhile American Morning fill-in co-host Carol Costello: In an aside to her viewers on the day after Christmas in 2008, she gauchely declared, “I hope none of you were watching on Christmas Day because you actually do have a life.”]

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11 Responses to “Oops: Aly Laughs at Her Most Loyal F&FW Fans!”

  1. Hanna Says:

    I think Ali and Clayton would make great replacements for Megyn Kelly, if Fox decide to go with two anchors, that is.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe, but Alisyn usually subs for Megyn or others solo. The weekend F&F show would take a ratings hit IF Alisyn went to a weekday show. No Juliet, please!!

  3. Max H Says:

    I guess Shannon Bream would be the most obvious replacement for Megyn, she `s kind of Megyn light.I actually think they will go with two anchors though, as I`m not sure there is a big enough star at Fox to do the gig solo.Agree about Ali, I`d hate to see her leave F&F weekend.

  4. gigglebox Says:

    I bet dave briggs wishes that he had never left.

  5. Laura Marriot Says:

    I think you`re right.Dave, Ali Clayton and Rick made such a great team, who knows, maybe he`ll end up back at Fox one day.

  6. David Says:

    When Megyn Kelly starts her leave soon, I’m sure there will be some shuffling with the female anchors. Alisyn Camerota did a fair share of filling in for Martha MacCallum when Megyn was on leave in 2011, since Martha was filling in for Megyn. It gave Alisyn some more air time on weekdays, which was why she was hosting F&FW less frequently during the summer of 2011.

    With Megyn going to prime time, Marianne Rafferty may be reassigned elsewhere, since she covers evening news briefs. Elizabeth Prann does some of the weekend daytime reports, but I think she is based in Washington, DC, and not New York City.

    I like Shannon Bream. Shannon Bream does much of the news on Sundays, and she seems to have a professional attitude and carries herself well on the air. Like Megyn Kelly, Ms. Bream also has a law degree.

    I also like Harris Faulkner, who does the news frequently on Sunday evenings. I’ve seen some of Ms. Faulkner’s special assignments, and they are well researched and well reported.

    I think Ainsley Earnhardt has found a home with Fox and Friends First. She seems to start her shift around 2300 hours, since I’ve seen her cover weekday news briefs between 0100 and 0400 hours (I do have a little insomnia). Sometimes, Ainsley will fill in at Fox and Friends, which might be because she is still at the studio. If those hours work for Ainsley, she’s probably happy with her current schedule, and I believe she has some seniority over some of the other female anchors.

  7. David Says:

    If Alisyn Camerota does move permanently to weekdays, Fox and Friends Weekend will need a new female anchor. I would like to see Julia Banderas come back, since a Saturday and Sunday morning only schedule may make things easier for her family.

    I would like to see Jamie Colby take a chance filling in one weekend on Fox and Friends. I like the way she carries herself on weekend newscasts (she always asks good questions to the panelists), but her blonde hair is definitely an obvious coloring that I wish she would go back to her natural color.

    I’m not a fan of Juliet Huddy – IMHO she’s a little too perky and seems to get off-topic. When Ms. Huddy filled in on Fox and Friends, I would frequently turn it off. I think Ms. Huddy has another local job now in New York, but she does appear on the O’Reilly factor sometimes. I’m not too impressed with Heather Childers either. IMHO, she comes across somewhat artificial in personality.

    I do like Patti Ann Browne. I know Ms. Browne has paid her dues in the news business, starting out at a small station doing grunt work, working odd hours, etc. I think Ms. Browne has found a good home with Fox and Friends First, and that allows her to spend more time with her family too.

    Fox and Friends Weekend (I’m told) has sometimes done guest hosts in the past, and some of these were treated as “tryouts” or “auditions”. I believe Megan Henderson (who is now an anchor at a major TV news station in Los Angeles – I remember Ms. Henderson when she worked in Dallas) did one of these a few years ago. IMHO, Ms. Henderson did a pretty good job in Dallas, and by the way, she is not blonde.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Julie Banderas needs a bigger role at Fox, still don`t understand why she lost the Fox report weekend job.My pick for Megyn`s spot would be Harris Faulkner, she`s a real pro that woman, totally unflappable.

  9. motownman Says:

    Julie doesn’t have the personality for a morning show. I think one reason she was dropped from anchoring is she is so relentlessly serious. Shannon should get the AL job, but I think Fox would rather keep her at the Supreme Court. Gretchen has been pushing for her own show. I could see her going to AL and Anna becoming F&F host, though I would prefer Ainsley.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Agree about Julie, she`s not loose enough for a morning show.I think that two anchors will end up replacing Megyn.My pick would be Shannon Bream and Clayton Morris.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Agree about Clayton, he`s done a good job on F&F weekends and he deserves a shot at a weekday gig.I`d like to see him and Ali take over from Megyn too.

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