Aggrieved Gretch

Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson announced today that she would “go on break for awhile. ” Worry not, Gretchophiles, you can enjoy your holidays with family and friends and not fear  missing your fave morning news anchor. Rejoice, Gretchophobes, you can begin your F&F morning without her studied, unceasing consternation about her cause de jour during the holidays.

As to her vacation, Gretch may have gone home to North Oaks, Minnesota, where her parents reside. She gave a “shout out” today to her mum and indicated that she would see her soon.

Get some good “r&r,” Gretch. May you return with holiday cheer, unaggrieved as you welcome in the F&F morn. Happy Holidays!

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15 Responses to “Aggrieved Gretch”

  1. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Aly is in today, but then we get hosed with Britney Friel for the rest of the week. Going by Sparty’s dubious logic, putting her back on the curvy couch after having bounced her stupid @$$ means that the big bosses have a lot of faith in her.

    Time to reset the TiVo.

  2. Al Says:

    It may simply mean that the bosses don’t expect too many viewers over the Christmas weekend and, since their starting lineup gets the days off, the bench warmers get a chance to play. I assume they’re going up against networks’ bench warmers?

  3. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Yes Al, we know that. We were just making fun of Sparty because he got so excited and nearly wet himself because Butterface Ainsley was back on F&F for Thanksgiving and the day before. He was crowing about how it meant that the big bosses still had faith in her blahblahblah.

    Yes it probably means that they aren’t expecting many viewers, but it probably also means that nobody else is around to do it.

  4. Miss Amercia Says:

    Poor girl…Barbie Friel’s conservative wardrobe indicates she just doesn’t realize the implied expectations when she is sitting on the “curvy couch”.

  5. Paige in PA Says:

    OMG, had to off F&F this morning, after I seen Dimwit there in the middle. What is Fox thinking? Can’t they find someone else that can read a teleprompter correctly?

  6. motownman Says:

    Hmm, a thread about Gretchen, so of course Boogie takes the opportunity to rip Ainsley and Courtney when neither one is mentioned.
    Ainsley is with her family in South Carolina. That’s why Courtney is in.
    I notice Boogie has NEVER commented when many on this board talk about Gretchen’s consistent failure to dress appropriately for a women her age. Many of the women on this board have commented about Gretchen’s failure to sit like a lady, but Boogie always ignores that while UNFAIRLY criticizing Ainsley for the same thing
    Ainsley is a lady and a class act
    Merry Christmas, Jake. You too, Boogie

  7. jakeho Says:

    Merry Christmas to you, too, Sparty.

  8. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Once again, Sparty gets it wrong. With the news that Britney Friel was going to be subbing on F&F, we thought it was funny in light of how you nearly wet yourself when Butterface Earhardt was tapped to do the same on Thanksgiving. You were ecstatic in your assumption that this meant that the higher ups might still put her back on and have big plans for her.

    Oh, Sparty? Butterface is nothing but an inflated chest and bottles of bleach. Not a lady. Not even close. But we wish you a Happy Boxing Day!

  9. motownman Says:

    Once again, Boogie does not address the complaint about Gretchen that everyone else has. In a subject line about Gretchen, Boogie bashes Ainsley and Ccourtney for no good reason except to be a jerk.
    Ainsley dresses in the same style as Megyn Kelly, Julie Banderas and Jamie Colby.
    She also is a wonderful human being.
    Courtney only was on because Ainsley is home for the holidays on a well-deserved break. Courtney admitted she was not scheduled to work and was called in. Ainsley has built up a lot of comp time over the weeks she was doing F&FW, Hannity’s America AND the overnight shift.
    BTW, Ainsley is a natural blonde, just take a look at the pictures from when she was in grade school.
    If you look across the Internet Boogie, you’ll see many more people share my opinion of Ainsley than yours.
    BTW, I notice nobody defends you here. Maybe it’s because everyone knows what I do about you.

  10. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Oh please, Sparty. Unless you know her personally, you have no idea whatsoever if Butterface is a “wonderful” person or not. Or maybe you’re a stalker?

    We don’t “look across the Internet” because we have jobs and lives. As for the lack of a defense here (sniff, sniff), the posting traffic here has gone down a great deal ever since the blonde bimbos were bumped from F&FW. It seems they were the biggest problem in many people’s eyes and as soon as they were removed, many people no longer felt the need to complain.

    Here’s a clue, Sparts. Blonde kids often turn into mousy brown adults and bleach their hair. She also whitens her teeth to a frighteningly blinding white, although not nearly as bad as Britney. While Butterface’s style of dressing may be similar to other on-air females, none wears it nearly as tight as she does. That ain’t class.

    Yes, Butterface probably did build up a lot of comp time and we hope she’s enjoying it. We always wish her well in the good job that she does in her Hannity work and her update desk duties, but she is just not cut out for the spontaneity of hosting.

  11. Tom B. Says:

    Yeah, she’s not equipped to be live on-the-air, obviously.

    Butterface :)

  12. motownman Says:

    Once again, Boogie, you didn’t address the Gretchen issue and, after all, she IS supposed to be the subject of this thread

  13. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Pay attention, Sparty. The subject of this thread isn’t how Gretchen sits, it was a snark about her and her holiday break. We were just pointing out that to those who bash Gretchen that getting Britney in her place might not be a good trade-off. Then were mocking how you got all excited when Butterface got to sub in on a holiday which nobody wants to work, as if it were some sign of her impending stardom.

  14. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Tom B., who isn’t equipped to be live on the air? If you mean Britney, we wholeheartedly agree. But we think that Butterface does just fine with her update desk stuff and since we can’t tolerate too much Hannity, we can only go on other people’s word that she does well with her pre-packaged segments on his weekend show, but that’s it!

  15. Tom B. Says:

    BW, I was referring to Ainsley. Yes, her packaged pieces on Hannity are fine, just dont’ let her ad-lib anything!

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