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Courtney Opines: Brian Smiles

December 24, 2009

As Fox & Friends opened with guest co-host Courtney Friel on the curvy couch, co-anchor Steve Doocy stated, “Ho, Ho, Ho, everybody, and welcome! It’s Christmas Eve. And, look who Santa left under our tree today.” After warmly greeting the former F&F Weekend headline news reader, Brian said, “This is going to be a show like no other!” In response, the former Maxim model declared, “I’ll track Santa: you track the healthcare debate.” Guffawing loudly, Brian replied, “Okay, fine. Let me write that down. I don’t want to go into your lane.”

Unfortunately, for Brian, that was not the problem: I.e., Courtney swerved into his lane. After Brian and Steve discussed the Obamacare bill in depth, Courtney glanced down at her papers and read the major differences between the House & Senate bills. Then looking at Brian, she opined, “Man, it’s a lot of money: a lot of people don’t want to be told what to do.” Appearing amused at her shallow assessment, Brian declined to meet her gaze but stared straight ahead instead, smiled slightly, and deadpanned, “Right.”

Courtney, it may be time to track Santa now.

Careless Clayton

December 25, 2008

Poor Major Kelvin Skaggs! Fox & Friends co-anchor Clayton Morris seemed to diss the serviceman with the 151 Cavalry on Joint Base Balad in Iraq. As F&F’s F Block in the final hour drew to a close, Clayton asked, “Did you miss our Fox & Friends Christmas Eve special? Well, we’ve got some highlights, or, I should say lowlights.” Immediately thereafter, the major gave his Christmas greetings to his wife and children. Oops!

To be fair to Clayton, a commercial followed the major and then the “lowlights” of the special were shown. Nevertheless, the major’s family may well have not been amused by F&F’s clown.