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Megyn Drills Hemmer

December 18, 2008

America’s Newroom co-host Megyn Kelly brooks balderdash from no one. Not from O’Reilly. Not even her co-host Bill Hemmer.

During a Bernie Madoff story with FBN’s Cheryl Casone, FNC ran vid of the Ponzi schemer aggressively walking through a throng of reporters trying to get home: Hemmer intimated that Madoff might be guilty of assault. After the segment ran, Megyn looked at Hemmer and incredulously asked, “Assault? What was he supposed to do?”

Not expecting Megyn’s challenge, Hemmer stammered around and then ranted, “My point is I cannot for the life of me understand this man’s behavior…To walk down a sidewalk the was he was, it blows my mind. This guy has no conscience. He has gone to the edge.” Megyn calmly countered, “That’s irrelevant. If he did this, he’s a dirtbag. But why doesn’t he have the right to walk down the street with the paparazzi in his face, with the reporters not letting him shut the door of his car?” She concluded, “You save your outrage for the people he defrauded, not for that.”

Poor Bill didn’t expect to get his knuckles rapped by Megyn. He should have: in Megyn’s classroom, logic holds sway.