Clayton: “My Beautiful Wife Natali”

Unveiled! Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Clayton Morris finally introduced his new bride Natali Morris nee Del Conte to his F&FW audience on Christmas Day. Almost five months ago, co-anchor Dave Briggs had teased viewers with her identity when referring to the mother of Clayton’s newly arrived child as merely Natali. More recently, approximately two weeks ago, Clayton briefly displayed an album of his son Miles (which included photos of Natali with Miles) but made no mention of Natali. However, yesterday, Clayton proudly showed off Natali to his F&FW fans and proudly proclaimed her to be “my beautiful wife Natali.”

In the final segment of the 2010 Fox & Friends Christmas edition Friday, producers aired holiday photos of the on-air co-hosts’ respective families. When a photo of a duo of diminutive dogs with bows in their hair ran, Ainsley intoned, ” Here are my babies. That’s Sacks Fifth Avenue on the left and Sassy Girl on the right.”* Then, as a pic of Dave and his family appeared sitting in front of the Christmas tree, Dave declared, “My family, my wife Brandi, my beautiful kids, Emerson and William. Merry Christmas to you guys!” Subsequently, as a photograph of Clayton (holding Miles) and Natali standing in front of the Christmas tree aired, Clayton announced, “And, there’s my beautiful wife Natali and my first little bundle of joy Miles on his first Christmas.”

Yes, Clayton may have appeared to have wait a wee bit long to introduce his new wife Natali to all of the Fox & Friends Weekend family. However, perhaps, appropriately, Clayton waited until this season of love and Advent to introduce her. Regardless, Merry Christmas, Natali!

Fox & Friends – 12/25/10 (@ 9:59 a.m. ET)

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5 Responses to “Clayton: “My Beautiful Wife Natali””

  1. Aimeslee Says:

    I wish Aly, Clyton and Dave were on weekdays. I prefer them for the most part. It’s getting so bad for me during the week that my fave is actually Brian and I never thought that would ever happen (huge eyeroll). xoxo

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    […] name. However, two weeks later (on Christmas Day), he rectified his omission by calling her “my beloved wife Natali” when he displayed a photo of himself and his new […]

  3. Dave & Brandi Make Three « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] (as of August 2). They are the proud parents of six-year-old daughter Emerson and younger brother William. As to their “3rd in the oven,” hopefully, Dave will reveal Brandi’s due date […]


    I watch only Fox News. Love the weekends also with Dave, Alisyn,
    And Clayton. Will watch no other network. Wish Josh Elliot was also on Fox News.


    The mainstream media does not report and you decide. It only reports what they want and that’s not true journalism. It was disgusting during the election. Not a word about Benghazi. Lies and more lies. The idol will get away with that too. Too many idiots in this world of ours. Hope we don’t become a third world country, but that’s what the idol wants. amen,

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