Ainz That a Shame 2

Fox & Friends Weekend guest co-host Ainsley Earhardt held court with her former co-anchors, Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris, from her old throne over the Christmas Day weekend. Tawny and tempting, the sexy blond beauty showed herself to be a worthy weekend co-host as she held her own on the curvy couch for three straight days. Refreshingly, the now ringless Southern belle seemed to have learned that being overly obsequious to one’s male colleagues is not necessarily a virtue.

Unfortunately, Ainsley still did not quite handle her F&FW boys with the plucky aplomb that current F&FW queen Alisyn Camerota does but Ainz has made marked progress. Her weekend appearances almost made this viewer wonder what might have been if she had been more of the indispensable Fox & Friends “alpha bitch.” Who knows? Perhaps, Ainsley shall reign anew if and when Aly rightly succeeds Gretchen Carlson as the Fox & Friends weekday vixen.

Until then, again, Ainz that a shame!

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One Response to “Ainz That a Shame 2”

  1. Aimeslee Says:

    She did have a line tethered to Hannity for awhile…wonder what happened there? ;-0

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