Natali: Morris’ “Mamma Mia”

Clayton’s baby boy: Miles Benjamin Morris. As Fox & Friends Weekend began this morning, co-host Clayton Morris joyfully showed off photos of his newborn son and himself to his co-hosts, Alisyn Camerota and Dave Briggs, and to his F&FW audience. As he did, the now single Clayton expressed his elation at being a father but never showed a photo of the mother of his child nor even mentioned her. However, later, during the show, Dave let the cat out of the proverbial bag by naming her twice.

Of course, fans of Clayton have long had a good idea of the name of his presumed paramour. On April 12, disclosed that it had received a tip that a married Clayton had a relationship with CNET anchor, Natali Del Conte and that she was rumored to be pregnant with their love child. (Further, the source indicated that Clayton’s wife Sara Batterson Morris had started divorce proceedings.) On June 20 (Father’s Day) on F&FW, Clayton revealed, “I’m going to be a new dad”: Only a day earlier, Natalie had Tweeted, “My mom and sister are throwing me the baby shower of the century today.”

However, recent tweets by Clayton, Natalie, and tech friend Ryan Block appeared to conclusively identity Clayton’s lady. On Monday (July 27), Clayton joyfully Tweeted, I’m better than ever. Had a son a today. Was at hospital all day. Trying to finally sleep now.” On Tuesday (July 28), Natalie Tweeted, “Excited to take my son home from the hospital today. That’s right, it’s a boy! Healthy and handsome!” Tellingly, the very next morning Wednesday, Clayton Tweeted, “I was supposed to be in today but just had my son. First night home from hospital.” Then, Thursday, in a now deleted Tweet, Ryan Block wrote, “Still catching up from Seattle, but belated congratulations to @natalidelconte and @claytonmorris on the arrival of Miles!”

If Clayton or Natali’s more casual followers were still unaware of their apparent love child, Dave Briggs appeared intent on spreading the word to them. In the final hour of F&FW, Dave and Aly seemingly surprised Clayton with footage of him changing Miles: Dave added that Miles’ mother Natali had sent in the video. If the viewer missed it the first time, Dave repeated her name. Perhaps, at the behest of Clayton, Dave began the introduction of Natali to his F&FW viewers.

Even though neither Clayton nor Natali have yet acknowledged that they have a child together publicly, to the author’s knowledge, it appears pellucidly clear that they do indeed share a son–and his name is Miles Benjamin Morris.

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14 Responses to “Natali: Morris’ “Mamma Mia””

  1. crispy Says:

    what does pellucidly mean? I ain’t got time to look it up.

  2. jweasel Says:

    On her twitter page, Natali linked to the video on Fox & Friends and identified it as a video of her son.

    I have really lost a lot of respect for her. A love child with a married man? Really?

  3. jakeho Says:

    Jweasel, thanks for the “heads up” as to Natali’s Tweet.

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  5. Cassie Says:

    Has there been fall out from Fox’s high percentage of Christian viewers as to Clayton being an adulterer?

  6. hgb3 Says:

    Crispy, (& others): “Pellucidly” means “clear, or easy to understand; perspicuous.”

    Jakeho, why can’t you just say “perspicuous” like everybody else? Your opacity is showing!

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  9. michael Says:

    Natali & Clayton was married at City Hall in NYC on 10/20/2010. Natali Morris announced it on CNET’s The 404 podcast episode #692 found here: . Despite the way their relationship was supposedly formed, I’m happy for them both. We as bystanders do not know the nature of their private lives so lets leave it at that, baby Miles have two capable parents who will love him

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  14. Mia Mia Says:


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