MacCallum: AN’s Makeshift Host?

Bill Hemmer: “We’ve been on the job hunt for a year!” A Freudian slip by the America’s Newsroom anchor who reportedly recently renewed his multi-million contract with Fox News? As his AN co-host Martha MacCallum took the week off, his former CNN colleague and recent FNC hire Arthel Neville filled in once again seamlessly for her today. Perhaps, a  tad too well for MacCallum’s comfort.

At the bottom of the nine o’clock hour (ET) on America’s Newsroom this morning, Neville announced that Ellen DeGeneres had quit as a judge on American Idol and that Jennifer Lopez was a potential candidate to replace her. When she had finished, a grinning Hemmer puckishly asked, “So there’s a job opening, right?”* As Neville chuckled in the background, Hemmer cryptically continued, “We’ve been on the job hunt for a year.” However, Hemmer failed to elaborate further.

“We’ve been on the job hunt for a year.” Really? For what position? As the author mulled Hemmer’s words over, he remembered that America’s Newsroom then co-host Megyn Kelly took off approximately year ago (September 2009). However, when her son Yates was born, Kelly did not return to AN: rather, she took the reins of her new show, i.e., America Live. And, MacCallum was ostensibly given Kelly’s baton at AN.

For now, the AN graphics read, “America’s Newsroom w/ Bill Hemmer & Martha MacCallum. But, for how long?

*America’s Newsroom – 07/30/10 (@9:34 a.m. ET)

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4 Responses to “MacCallum: AN’s Makeshift Host?”

  1. purpleslog Says:

    Might the “we” have meant “FOx” and not “Fox News”? This might have been a reference to the knowledge that the Simon Cowell was not coming back to AI? That was know all of last season…and the first phase of the new auditions have started.

  2. Cassie Says:

    I wouldn’t read anything into that. “On the job hunt” is a segment on AN and has been for about a year.

  3. M. Davey Says:

    I really like Martha McCallum. She is pretty and knows how to interview.
    I have nothing against Arthel, and she’s very competent, but Martha just goes with Bill Hemmer and has the sparkle that is missed by the exit of Megyn.

    Someone made a comment about Martha’s legs being too skinny, but they look all right on our tv at home.

  4. Hasbro Says:

    We would definitely not want to see Arthel in Martha’s spot!

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