New A.M. Anchor: T.J. Holmes

CNN Saturday and CNN Sunday co-anchor T.J. Holmes announced that he will become the new American Morning co-anchor in the coming year. To his Twitter followers, T.J. Tweeted, “Thank u guys 4 the support on the weekend and hope I can continue 2 count on ur support as I experiment in a new role. (I’m gonna need it.)” He elaborated, “Need 2 let u know this is my last weekend, 4 now. Starting next yr, I’m anchoring “American Morning” in NY 4 a yet-2-be-determined period.”

T.J.’s new position on AM comes as little surprise to cable news watchers. On December 7, Page 6 of the New York Post reported, “T.J. Holmes…is one of the favorites to take over Roberts’ role and anchor alongside Kiran Chetry.”¬†Furthermore, in the past, the younger, handsome CNN anchor has often filled in for Roberts on AM and has evinced a real rapport with the Nepalese beauty.

When announcing Roberts’ departure from American Morning, CNN chief Ken Jautz stated that CNN would “be looking at different people alongside Kiran.” Based on T.J.’s Tweets, it appears that Ken Jautz has now found his new man on AM. At least, for now.

Good luck, T.J.!

Update: T.J. begins his “interim” stint on American Morning on January 6, 2011.

Update: T.J. reaffirms his “interim” AM status (January 18).

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5 Responses to “New A.M. Anchor: T.J. Holmes”

  1. Z.Z. Zayre Says:

    Hear hear! TJ Holmes is my favorite department store nowadays since the demise of Zayres and Kress’ &c. They should have the best shirts and at a great price also.

  2. Kiran’s “Bring Your Husband to Work Day” « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] Welcome, Chris! And, watch yourself, TJ! […]

  3. Kiran’s “Bring Your Hubby to Work Day” « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] Welcome, Chris! And, watch yourself, TJ! […]

  4. Jim Thompson Says:

    I’ve never seen anyone with the natural talents as Kiran. She’s simply wonderful with her little added ‘comments’ and then laughs at what’s she just said. Talented – we all relate to her when she interjects her kids and hubby. I’ll miss the way she and John Roberts played off each other — John lost interest in the show with his new ‘lady love’. Kiran will carry the show no matter who comes in as co-anchor. She’s a extremely talented lady.

  5. carljfriedman Says:

    Dear Y.J

    Congrations on new job. Who will do your weekend shift? Plus Tony Garris position.


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