Another Weekend: Another Face

“Pretty Face” Dave Briggs, a Boston sports news guy, took G.I. Ken’s seat today. In the never-ending Fox & Friends Weekend search for its permanent co-host cast, FNC brought in this former WHDH-TV (Boston) sports reporter/anchor to sub for Greg Kelly. Ainsley Earhardt is back in her center space, saccharinely declaring herself twice to be the “luckiest girl this morning” sitting between Briggs and Clayton Morris.

If you awoke nauseated this morning, you may be in the MTV demographic that had a long, hard night and will get back in bed after visiting the porcelain throne. If you’re not in F&F Weekend’s fave demographic, you may just can’t wait to get off of this eternal carousel ride. One positive is that they may find a combination that works: another is that fan favorites, like Page Hopkins and Kelly Wright, may still have an outside chance to return.

Ainsley Earhardt made up to David Murphy, the eleven year old Cleveland lad who steered a moving school bus away from an oncoming semi. She asked him whether he had disengaged the emergency brake and he denied it: then she complimented him and added that she had no choice but to believe him because the bus company had refused to talk to F&F Weekend. Shepherd Smith, had interviewed the lad with a jaundiced eye and gave the viewer the clear impression that he disbelieved the boy.

Weatherman Rick Reithmuth returned from Hawaii as the lovely Domenica Davis went back to her weekly meterological duties. Courtney Friel, newsreader lovely, seemed safely ensconced in her usual role for now. Megan Henderson, last weekend’s auditioning dish, has returned to the Lone Star State.

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20 Responses to “Another Weekend: Another Face”

  1. Bill Says:

    I wish they would finalize their lineup. I for one miss Page and Kelly Wright.
    I thought they were a good combo. Courtney Freil REALLY needs to go back to LA. She is nice to look at but can barely read the telepromptor.
    How about Kelly Wright, Page and Greg Jarrett. Ainsley can read the news.

  2. John Says:

    AINSLEY EARNHARDT Earhardt is a lazy news woman. I know they provide the fox people with clothes. However, they are free to choose. After she got into trouble for talking to bloggers she wore a tight pink shirt that was sexy and elegant. Ainsley should have been dressing that way every time she was on the air. I just saw her on this morning and her outfit looked stale and boring. Ainsley is a contradiction, she knows that dressing sexy in a tasteful way means ratings, that the fox executives want her to and she even has breast implants. But, she does not show any cleavage or wear tight shirts until she gets into trouble. Ainsley Earnhardt doesn’t deserve to be on fox!

    Plus, two weeks ago, the other news women were doing dance on fox and friends and Ainsley copped out.

    Ainsley is nothing but a spoiled dumb blond who should be fired.

  3. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    I personally am still rooting for some return to sanity for Fox execs that will bring back the Page Hopkins, Greg Kelly, Kelly Wright team. I only watched for a few minutes this morning, but turned off after seeing Ainsley sitting between the conjoined-twins-separated-at-birth bookends of Clayton and Dave. I realize they are aiming for a younger demographic audience; however, the majority of that demographic is sleeping in after a hard night of partying. Each week my thought is “OMG, they can actually suck worse than they did last week”. The show has gone from being classy to a real train wreck.

  4. Joe Conway Says:

    Kelly, Hopkins, & Wright are unlikely to be back together on F & F weekend unless the “suits” who dumped them in the first place are fired.

  5. Al Davis Says:

    I miss the time when the weekend F&F crew consisted of Mike, Juliet, & Julian. It was fun, informative, entertaining, and arguably better than the weekday show. Given that the show is necessarily a mix of entertainment with news, it has to be among the most difficult to find the right mix of on-aor talent.

    I like Greg Kelly, but he comes across as a little too… rigid for that show. Page Hopkins seems to fit in perfectly for an easy-going morning show and seems to be able to transition believably from “fun” to “serious” when she has to. Kelly Wright is very good, too, but I think his personality is better suited for the afternoon shows. He doesn’t seem quite comfortable with the light banter that F&F is known for.

    I suggest they stick Page Hopkins between Greg Kelley and Clayton What’s-His-Name and see how that works… or maybe try getting Julian Phillips back in place of Greg Kelly as Julian is better suited as the “straight guy” to the other two’s more “clowning” personas.

  6. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    I’ve seen snippets of the show over the past two months … And each time, I’ve wanted to hurl …

    Geez, if they truly want to kill off the show … Why not go with the oddest oddity of a cast that you could get ?? How about Ron Jeremy, Adam Carolla and Jillian Barberie???

    The last show that I watched (the whole 3 hours) was Feb 10th …

    ROGER AILES – STOP driving away your longtime viewers … You are NOT gonna get that 18-34 single male w/disposable income demographic … They’re asleep cause they’re drunk …

  7. M. Davey Says:

    Thank goodness it’s Sunday and I can escape the weekend bunch by going to church. I used to tivo it, but not anymore. It’s just a relief not to have to watch Ainsley and Courtney. I can tell Ainsley has something more upstairs, and I’m sure Courtney does, too, but they’re so darn silly.
    And if they all choose their material, they’re not good at it. I feel like I’ve seen the whole Saturday night live show and all of the Leno shows. That’s all they showed. Weekends are supposed to tbe fun, but not just plain silly! Please, let Fox get someone with some brains to put the skids to ghis group.

  8. MGM Says:

    I cannot believe that the Fox execs put this together. This Dave Briggs guy is awful. What is going on there? I really used to enjoy F&F on weekends but this is getting ridiculous. Bring back the anchors that can report the news.

  9. Tony Says:

    I think this new guy Dave Briggs was brought on because he is the Brian Kilmeade type while Clayton Morris is the Steve Doocy type. Anyway, they make good bookends for Ainsley Earnhardt who is obviously there to get male viewers heart started early in the morning. I’d recommend the F&F suits should allow this new threesome some time to gel. I think they have the potential of the weekday team of Kilmeade, Doocy and Carlson.

  10. DON Says:


  11. Veronica Says:

    Ok I happen to look forward to the weekend show. I would like for them to settle on a team that we can count on however!! I think Clayton is smart witty and can take charge of the show. I loved when he was able to do his thing on the Daily Buzz- and have missed him! Not sure they have right girl yet…. and I agree Clayton is the Steve Doocy type from the week day show!

  12. Darlene Says:

    WHERE IS KELLY WRIGHT AND PAGE HOPKINS. I am all set with Fox News on the week ends. Clayton is stupid, Greg needs to go back out in the field and Ainsley and Courtney certainly come off as dumb blondes.

    The weekend show was great when Julian, Juliett and Mike were on then I was just as happy with Page, Kelly and Kieran. Bring Page and Kelly back please. Guess Fox news really does not care about their dedicated viewers. Fox news is always on in my house. But no longer on the week-end mornings.

  13. Kurt Says:

    Dave Briggs is really good at the host job. I prefer him to the all the time posing greg kelly

  14. Wamda Says:

    I used to watch F&F on the eeekends religiously. Being someone in the 18-34 age group, I can no longer stomach to watch it. I loved the combination of Mike, Juliet, and Julian. Each unique personality meshed together well. After their departures, I became a fan of Page, Kelly and Kieran and then Page, Greg and Kelly. Now I become nauseous watching the idiots aka the current hosts. I’m not sure what the executives are thinking but there is no way they are going to draw in any other viewers. Being younger does not mean that you are going to watch the show just because the hosts are appear to be young and hip. I would still like to be able to ENJOY and UNDERSTAND what I am watching. My husband, who is a die hard Fox News viewer, no longer watches the weekend show. Que sera sera… I hope they come to their senses soon!

  15. Don Says:

    I used to like watching when Kiran and Julian were on.I also liked Mike and
    and Julliet.I now [sic] watch the show only because Ainsley is on the show.I think that she is smart and she is really good to look at.

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