John’s “Boys” Worked: Kyra Pregnant!

Yesterday mid-morning, Carpe Diem reported that American Morning co-host John Roberts “may be ready to start another family with [Kyra Phillips] the comely CNN Newsroom anchor, his ‘mature woman.’”* Later, yesterday evening, People confirmed that not only was John ready to start a new family with Kyra but also that he had already begun. To wit, in a brief “This Just In” report (at 6:00 p.m.), People proclaimed, “The CNN news anchors are ‘very excited’ to announce that they’re expecting twins next spring.

Congratulations to you and Kyra!

*[Author’s aside: After a story on sperm count and vitality being affected adversely by plastic additive BPA on AM yesterday, a rather animated John revealingly remarked, “You don’t want your boys (sperm) having problems….Hey, I’m a guy! It’s the only reason (to be concerned about BPA). It’s all we care about!”]

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    […] the following day, Carpe Diem simply declared, “John’s ‘Boys’ Worked: Kyra Pregnant!” However, there may have been more to that story that the author initially assumed: […]

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