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Mr. Briggs: An “Unpoppable” Alpha Male

February 22, 2011

Clayton: “Dave’s nickname around here is “Princess.” Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs finally got some regal respect Saturday. I.e., F&FW‘s “Princess” Dave was dubbed an “Unpoppable” Alpha Male.

Yes, it may have been guest co-host and former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino’s day initially but even she had to give way finally to the real F&FW Princess. As F&FW began its final segment, Dave sat on the curvy couch with Dana and Clayton Morris, his co-anchors, and guest Addi Somekh, star and artist of TLC’s “The Unpoppables.” Initially, Dana briefly donned the balloon coronet newly created for her by Somekh but she summarily doffed it as soon as she could.

Immediately thereafter, Clayton grabbed it and impishly remarked, “I think this actually fits Dave better.” As he then began to place it near Dave’s head, a ductile Dave took it and started to crown himself with it. But, before he actually did so, Somekh interjected, “Actually, I made Dave a kind of an alpha male crown.”

As an appreciative Dave responded, “Thank you, thank you,” Somekh bestowed a purple phallic-shaped balloon coronet upon Dave. When Somekh explained, “This is more of…a conquering warrior crown, a self-deprecating Dave gritted his teeth and shook his head no. Meanwhile, Clayton drolly declared, “Although, Dave, Dave’s nickname around here is ‘Princess.'” Dutifully, Dave concurred, “Princess. Yeah, yeah. That’s right.”

Actually, Dave, rather princely.

[Author’s aside: N.B. The aforementioned episode occurred between the time that Dana had donned her diadem and Clayton invited F&FW fans to watch the After the Show Show. Cf. Carpe Diem‘s “‘Princess’ Perino: ‘Grandma America.'”]

Fox & Friends Weekend – 02/18/11 (@ 9:59 a.m. ET)

“Princess” Perino: “Grandma America”

February 21, 2011

Clayton Morris: Dana worried about looking like a fool. Fox & Friends Weekend guest co-host Dana Perino admitted to a fit of nerves the night before she began the show Saturday. When co-anchor Clayton Morris introduced co-host Alisyn Camerota’s fill-in, he revealed that Dana had arisen at 2:00 a.m. because she was not able to sleep. In response, she readily admitted, “I was so nervous!”*

However, in her first four-hour F&FW marathon, the former White House Press Secretary (2007-2009) seemed almost at ease as Clayton and co-host Dave Briggs joked goatishly about “sausage” during stories about a streaking sausage burglar and racily about eagerly getting “behind” the hot-models-get-visas proposal from NYC Mayor Bloomberg. In fact, as the final hour began, Dana seemed even more relaxed as she shared some of her personal life, declaring, “I just found out that my grandchildren, Rachel and Sebastian–my grand twins in Scotland, are watching. So, we’ll say a little ‘hi’ to them. They call me ‘Grandma America.'”**

Nevertheless, in the last half hour, Dana showed her more staid, stodgy side during a segment with TLC’s “The Unpoppables” artist Addi Somekh. After she and Clayton had interviewed him, Somekh created a crown for a rather reluctant Dana. When Somekh placed the tawdry tiara atop her head, an almost dour Dana exclaimed, “Oh! Well, this’ll look great on YouTube. This will be great.”*** As Clayton began to tease her, Dana gamely smiled and wryly remarked, “I’ve gone from White House Press Secretary to Poppable, Unpoppable balloon art wearer.”

Later, in the last F&FW block, Dana tried to get her groove on as she sat on the curvy couch with Clayton, Dave, and Somekh. As she held a Somekh’s freshly fashioned a pseudo “Star Wars bar” tiara in her hand, Dave declared, “We’re about out of time here on Fox & Friends. We want to thank Princess Dana Perino, formerĀ  [White House] Press Secretary.”**** Bravely donning her new headdress, Dana replied, “I know. He made this for me: So, I feel like I have to be a good sport and put it on. He says, ‘It’s a balloon cosmic princess.'”

Subsequently, as F&FW ended, Dana demonstrated that not only had she done her duty but also had almost enjoyed it. As Clayton invited viewers to the After the Show Show, he pointed to Dana’s crown (then atop his head) and teased, “Dana was worried about looking like a fool.”*****Dana stammered, “No, I, I feel perfectly comfortable now.” Clayton rejoined, “I don’t know what she was talking about. This is Fox & Friends!”

Well said, Clayton.

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Bawdy Brian: “Master Baker”

December 6, 2010

The Next Blind “Cake Boss”? Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade, just could not resist the temptation to spice up F&F‘s segment with TLC’s “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro in his own inimitable manner. After co-anchor Gretchen Carlson had introduced Valastro and his quest for the “next great baker” during the new season of Cake Boss, co-host Steve Doocy and Brian asked a few prefatory questions. Then, a straight-faced ribald Brian queried, “Real quick, what do you look for in a master baker?”*

Seemingly, oblivious to Brian’s double entendre, Valastro simply started to give a straight answer. As he did, an apparently amused Gretchen smoothly turned her attention from Brian to Valastro. However, Steve struggled to maintain his composure: smirking, he looked away quickly and pursed his lips tightly to contain his laughter. Sensing his salacious success, Brian smiled, but, ever so slightly.

Fox & Friends – 12/06/10 (@ 8:53 a.m. ET)

Mr. U.S.A. Riles Miss America

May 13, 2009

Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson got her feathers ruffled by Donald Trump this morning. In the Miss USA pageant owner’s first interview (via phone) with F&F since he decided to let Miss California Carrie Prejean keep her crown after the Perez brouhaha, co-host Brian stated that he liked the contestants addressing the issues of the day. After noting that Carrie and other Miss USA competitors were given very tough questions, Trump remarked, “Our pageants are doing fantastically, Miss Universe [and] Miss U.S.A.: And, the Miss America pageant is off network television, off the air, and nobody even knows where it is.”

Taking umbrage at his denigration of her very crowner, the former Miss America animatedly answered, “Wait a minute, Donald; wait a minute. As a former Miss America, let’s be fair and balanced. We are not off national tv: we are on TLC.” Trump scoffed, “What is that?”Gretchen continued, “And, by the way, there are many differences between the programs: There is a talent competition in Miss America and all the money is used for scholarships. So, let’s not get into a war over that. Let’s just keep it all fair and balanced.” Betwixt Gretchen and Miss California on the curvy couch, Brian interjected, “Yeah, especially, Donald, look where I’m sitting!” Ignoring Brian and addressing Gretchen, a chastened yet undeterred Trump responded, “No, it has to be fair and balanced: I agree with that. But, you know, they are not on network television, and there is a difference.”

Laurels to Gretch for defending her realm. However, the Donald is right: It’s a declining one.