John Roberts: “This Pole Does Extend”

Jerry Stiller: “You guys, I didn’t think that CNN went in that direction!” The erection of the Festivus pole took on a whole new meaning today as American Morning co-anchor John Roberts gave it his own phallic twist.

In a segment entitled, “Festivus for the Rest of Us! Real people celebrate fake holiday,”  Roberts and guest co-host Carol Costello interviewed the founder of Festivus (Seinfeld’s Frank Costanza a/k/a Jerry Stiller). During their discussion of the faux holiday, Roberts queried Stiller as to his favorite feat of strength (a Festivus rite). Saltily, Stiller responded, “I’m not going to be able to talk about that on an early morning show: So, let’s leave it at that, John! No, but, you know, I got a great wife, and I’m [sic] still get excited. How ’bout that!”*

Chuckling, Costello commented, “That’s good!” Meanwhile, Roberts, after doubling over in laughter, stood and went to the AM Festivus pole. Grasping it with his right hand and guiding it upward, Roberts randily jested, “I just wanted to point out that this pole does extend!” After watching Roberts raise the pole, Stiller buried his head in his hands and exclaimed, “You guys, I didn’t think CNN went in that direction!”

Perhaps, not in the de-Klein days. But, it does in the Jautz era now.

*American Morning – 12/22/10 (@ 8:53 a.m. ET)

Update: Interview vid via Huffington Post.

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One Response to “John Roberts: “This Pole Does Extend””

  1. Aimeslee Says:

    Awesome! LOL It definitely sounds like Stiller was the only adult in the room.

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