“Naughty” Domenica Wants a Spanking

Italian dishes, weathergal Domenica Davis and co-host Alisyn Camerota, served up some extra spicy fare this morning on the Fox & Friends Weekend set. After a segment on the resurgence of spanking (in a TX school system), Aly saucily tossed to Domenica, saying, “Let’s go over to Domenica Davis, who we know has been naughty sometimes.”

Tossing her hair flirtatiously, Domenica racily replied, “Yes, I have! But, you just smack me across the face usually. It’s no big [deal].” Meanwhile, Aly smiled broadly, nodded her head yes and seemed to mouth, “Right. Strict.” Upping the heat further, Domenica seductively added, “There’s no paddle involved. I wish there was, actually.”

Wisely, the boys, co-anchors Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs stayed silent. While Clayton beamed and rubbed his chin, Dave grinned, raised his hands in innocence, and pointed to Aly as the “guilty” party.

No worry, girls! Assuredly, no complaints will be filed by the F&F viewer.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – (04/17/10) – @7:42 a.m. ET

Update: In the first F&FW weather segment after the posting of this article, Domenica seemed to have learned the wrong lesson. After Aly tossed to her following prom and alcohol stories (and Aly’s anecdote about seeing zombie-like prom girls still out in the wee hours this morning), Domenica declared, “I saw those prom goers, too, this morning.”* Subsequently, Clayton mischievously interjected, “It was very noble of you to go to the prom last night and then to come to work this morning.” Laughing, Domenica responded, “Oh, boy! Let’s go ahead and go to the radar before I get in trouble here.”

Oops! Domenica, now Aly will not need to spank you.

**Fox & Friends Weekend – (04/17/10) – @8:41 a.m. ET

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