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Janice Dean: NY’s 2013 Comedic Co-Queen

July 22, 2013

FNC’s “Dancing Machine” heats up the Comic Strip Live stage. Last night, Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean was crowned the co-champion of the 2013 “New York’s Funniest Reporter” at the famed Upper East Side comedy club. (She shared the honor with New York PIX 11 reporter Magee Hickey.) Janice beat out five other contestants including FNC biz contributor Charles Payne, who won third place honors. As to Janice’s winning performance, Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson gushed, “It was hilarious”, “It was the Top Ten weather terminology that can sometimes be a little hot that really sealed the deal for her.”*

However, Janice’s FNC fans should not expect to see any video of her sexy routine. This morning, when Fox & Friends co-anchor Brian Kilmeade asked Gretchen if any of Janice’s Comic Strip Live clips would be forthcoming, she replied, “Let me just say this: She did the Top Ten Weather Terms to music that have a certain–um, hm, how should I say this to keep it clean?…It had a lot to do with heat!”** Elaborating, she conceded that Janice’s stand-up comedy would not be appropriate for a family television show but that it was “hilarious.”

Janice Dean: 2013 Comic Co-Queen and FNC’s naughty “Dancing Machine”!

[Author’s aside: Reader, FNC makeup maven Maureen Walsh Tweeted fab photos of Janice during her performance [1] and of her and her FNC friends, including, Maureen,  at the “VICTORY DINNER” [1,2]: Happily, she also RT’d a great pic by Jamie Colby of Janice at the mike after her victory [1].

*After the Show Show (vid via J$P) – 07/22/13 (@3:55/5:24).

**Fox & Friends – 07/22/13 (@ 6:12 a.m. ET)

A.M.: Kiran Back–Almost

November 28, 2011

Black Friday. Former American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry returned to her CNN morning program Friday–or, at least, her other half did. In a surprise appearance, Kiran’s hubby, meteorologist Chris Knowles, appeared thrice on AM as a correspondent on the Black Friday shopping mania at Macy.* Somewhat strangely, the AM co-hosts, Carol Costello and Alina Cho made no mention of their former colleague in their collegial chats with Chris.

Not surpisingly, the whilom FNC meteorologist and WPIX weekend weatherman was his usual winsome, witty self. In a rave review of her hubby’s reporting, Kiran Tweeted, “He was fantastic wasn’t he?!” Yes, he was good: But, in the author’s opinion, Kiran is definitely his better half.

As to Kiran’s real return to television, the Nepalese beauty assured her fans earlier this month that she will be back “very soon.”

* American Morning – 11/25/11 (6:02 a.m. ET; 7:02 a.m. ET; and 8:01 a.m. ET)

Kiran Takes Her Hubby To Work Today! Sssh!

December 28, 2010

Fox & Friends Weekend Revisited! Today American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry’s hubby, Chris Knowles, appeared thrice as CNN’s brand new meteorologist on AM with Kiran. Strangely, neither acknowledged their relationship to the AM audience. For the author, who is a long-time Fox & Friends viewer, it was a case of deja vu: I.e., Kiran and Chris similarly kept their marriage secret when they worked together on CNN rival FNC’s morning cable news show initially.

Seemingly, Kiran may have smoothed the way for hubby Chris during any of her negotiations with CNN chief Ken Jautz as he seemingly revamps his cable news morning program AM around her. Since her failed 2007 contract negotiations with Fox News probably precipitated Chris’ own departure from FNC and his consequent sojourn to his personal Moab as a parochial NYC WPIX weekend weatherman, Chris’ “power wife” probably has felt a tinge of guilt at his fate. After Chris was unceremoniously sacked in October, Kiran must now be especially elated to have been able to aid his return to national prominence at CNN, her “gold standard.”

Welcome, Chris! And, watch yourself, TJ!

Update 1:’s Fishbowl reported, “It’s uncertain whether this was a one-time appearance for Knowles or if he was auditioning for a larger role at CNN.” In its own update, Fishbowl adds, “Knowles tell FishbowlNY that he also was scheduled to do live weather updates at 10:30 and 11 a.m. this morning.”

Author’s remarks: Actually, Chris Knowles appeared thrice on AM (6:06 a.m. ET, 7:05 a.m. ET; and 8:01 a.m. ET) with his CNN microphone. In his third AM appearance, Kiran introduced Chris saying, “Our Chris Knowles, meteorologist.” Unless “our” suggests a CNN/Client 9 relationship, Chris is more than a one-day stand.

Update 2: Chris returned the next day Wednesday on AM. However, he was referred to as “meteorologist Chris Knowles.” The “our” was absent this time: However, Kiran seemed to begin to say “our” but stopped abruptly (@ 6:27 a.m. ET).

Update 3: According to a trusted source, Chris is uncertain of his CNN future but hopes that his stint pans out into a permanent position.

A.M.: American Mourning?

November 1, 2010

“Boo!” or “Boo Hoo!”  American Morning co-hosts John Roberts and Kiran Chetry must have felt a pang of fear or sadness as they read the New York Post’s “Changes Could Be Coming to ‘American Morning'” published late Halloween night. According to the report, “big changes” could soon be afoot for American Morning. “Insiders” indicated that CNN’s new chief Ken Jautz would likely soon “dismantle” the “lowest rated cable morning show” as he tries to jump-start the flagging ratings of his anemic daytime programming.

Furthermore, New York Post sources said that the AM staff have become disenchanted with both co-hosts. Purportedly, they stated that “John [was] a tyrant, freaking out over stories and guests” and still had “a chip on his shoulder because he [had been] considered the heir apparent to Dan Rather at CBS.” Also, they allegedly asserted that “Kiran [was] dumb as a rock.”

With the CNN dirks apparently out for blood, The New York Post columnist opined that John would likely join his CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips, his affianced gravid with twins, in Atlanta. As for Kiran who the writer warned “could be the first to go,” she would seem to be in a much more difficult position as she would presumably continue to live with her husband Chris Knowles, who himself was recently relieved of his duties as weekend weatherman at New York City’s CW station WPIX, in Larchmont, New York.

If John and Kiran are both canned by CNN, an interesting scenario may emerge. According to the New York Post, CNN is interested in signing CBS’ Katie Couric whose contract ends in May of 2011: And, if CBS lets Couric go, the AM co-anchors may be vying for the very same job, i.e., Couric’s CBS Evening News anchor position. Ironically, John would have a second chance to win Dan Rather’s throne whereas Kiran could follow in the steps of her mentor (and older sorority sister) Katie Couric.

[Author’s aside: Of course, if Kiran listens to her faithful Fox & Friends fans, she may simply go home again.]

H/t: J$.

Missing: Kiran’s Wedding Ring

October 6, 2010

Lost and found? Merely a week to the day after celebrating ten years of marriage to Chris Knowles, New York’s WPIX-TV weekend weather anchor, American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry surprisingly started her AM day without her wedding ring. Noticing its absence and not wanting to read too much into it, the author reached out to Kiran for comment. Although she offered none, she did seem to suddenly remember her missing wedding ring shortly thereafter: As AM’s second half of the first hour began (6:30 a.m. ET), Kiran wore anew her connubial bond for the remainder of the show.

Hopefully, the initial absence of Kiran’s ring today does not portend ill for her as she begins a new decade of marriage. Although men are sometimes wont to forget their wedding bands, women rarely, if ever, do. Apparently, today, Kiran did, and, unfortunately, offered no explanation to her AM fans–leaving them more than free to idly speculate.

Unless Kiran cares to share, only time will tell.

W/o Kiran’s Ray, Her Boys Stray

February 5, 2010

Weathergals unwelcome? Today American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry and her “chauvinistic” weatherMEN, colleague Rob Marciano and hubby Chris Knowles, took opposing sides on the old battlefield of the sexes. Even though Kiran (aptly meaning “Ray of Light” in Sanskrit) consistently and inclusively cited the “weatherperson” or “meteorologist” today, her benighted boys just could not seem to include their female counterparts on this anachronistically dubbed “National Weatherman Day.”

When introducing AM’s first weather segment with meteorologist Rob Marciano, seemingly, realizing the old-boy designation, guest co-host Christine Romans alluded to “National Weatherman’s Day or Meteorologist’s Day”: as Rob began his report, he merely referred to “this holiday.”However, when he concluded it, Kiran commented, “Happy Meteorologist’s Day. Is that what it is?,” Rob obliqued replied, “Thank you. Close enough.” Then, he smiled and chuckled.

Apparently, AM EP Jamie Kraft sent Kiran the memo posthaste: when segueing to Rob in his second segment, Kiran remarked, “It’s National Weatherperson’s Day.” Christine surely received her copy, too: in the final hour, before tossing to Rob for his report (and atoning for her earlier verbal gaffe?), Christine queried, “What is it? National Weatherperson Day?” Kiran immediately responded, “Yes, it is! It’s National Weatherperson’s Day.” Perhaps, not completely concurring, Rob added, “What better way to celebrate the holiday? As he concluded his weather story, Rob just apparently refused to use the gender neutral name: rather, he referenced “this sacred scientific holiday.”

Unfortunately, Kiran, apparently, did not share her AM memo with hubby Chris Knowles (NY WPIX weekend weatherman) or Chris simply ignored it. While AM was in progress, Chris Tweeted, “@robmarcianoCNN Wxman’s day, yo! Make sure they’re treatin’ you…right.” Apparently, appreciative of his fellow weatherMAN’s support and “shout-out,” Rob reTweeted, “[F]ollow my NY wxpal CK also @kiranchetry husband! RT @chrisknowles11: @robmarcianoCNN Wxman’s day, yo!”

In this age of female ascendancy, perchance, a measure of machismo blowback is inevitable. Nevertheless, a game of boys versus girls seems somewhat passe. Unless, it’s the proverbial “kiss chase.”

Kiran & Knowles on A.M.?

May 11, 2009

Waking up to Kiran and Knowles in the morning again? Is a pairing anew of American Morning comely co-host Kiran Chetry and her hubby WPIX meteorologist possible? As Fox & Friends Weekend fans fondly recall, co-anchor Kiran once showed her smart, sassy, sexy side while her secret hubby weatherman Chris Knowles exhibited an understated, personable, and witty nature on the same show

Last Friday, Kiran reminded her F&FW fans and alerted her A.M. audience to the dynamic duo. After guest host Carol Costello had complained earlier to AM meteorologist Rob Marciano about the gloomy day in NYC and he simply answered that, at least, it was a Friday, Kiran delivered good news from her favorite weatherman. Kiran said, “I know a meteorologist who told me that, Carol, it was not dreary out there; it is just the beginnings of some morning fog; [and] it’s going to burn off: There you have it!”

Knowingly, Carol responded, “That one must be brilliant. Who is that brilliant meteorologist?” Kiran laughingly gushed, “He must be genius: He’s my hubby!” [Maybe, not a genius: It did take a certain bathing beauty to help him open his eyes at WICU-TV in Erie, Pennsylvania.]

A sweet shout out to Knowles or a subtle suggestion to CNN (if only as a fill-in for Rob)? Or, maybe, both?

AM: American Mom

April 16, 2008

The gorgeous, gravid Kiran Chetry, co-host of American Morning, took maternity leave today. According to her counterpart John Roberts, Kiran will be off for a few weeks. She is expecting her second child with hubby Chris Knowles, WPIX weatherman, any day now. As she did with her firstborn Maya on Fox & Friends, Kiran promised to send in baby pics. (Alina Cho filled in today.) As an aside, the hottie mum looked especially radiant in her CNN baby shower pics: Kiran seems to be one of the fortunate few femme fatales that looks even sexier off air.

If you missed the baby shower photos on AM Monday and/or if you would like to see more pics, Johnny Dollars Place provided the InStyle link for Kiran’s “sparty” (spa-party) with attendees that included Alina Cho, Vanessa De La Cruz, and other CNN cuties.,,20161343_20191049_