“No, I’m Not Dumbing Myself Down!”

After not responding to earlier bad press, Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson answered her latest “tormentor,” Jon Stewart today. Five days after the Daily Show host accused the Stanford alum and classical violinist of dumbing herself down for her Fox News audience, she replied not so obliquely during her show.*

When she introduced a segment entitled “Decade’s Most Obsolete Items,” she stated, “This’ll make you feel really old ’cause a lot of this stuff is technology-based driven: This always affects me.” Then, marveling, she asked, “Did you know…that the fax machine is almost obsolete? I’m just getting around to figuring how to actually use it.” Apparently, remembering John’s acerbic assertions, she quickly added, “And, no, I’m not dumbing myself down!”

In response, Gretchen’s guest co-host, Peter Johnson, Jr., laughed knowingly and heartily. As co-anchor Steve Doocy stoically tried to segue to the next item (telephone answering machine), Gretchen stared straight into the camera and simply smiled. As if to say, are you listening, John?

*Fox & Friends (12/14/09) – @8:36 a.m. ET

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5 Responses to ““No, I’m Not Dumbing Myself Down!””

  1. hgb3 Says:

    Ms. Carlson is very intelligent, actually. Or, more accurately, Pretty Intelligent.

    By the way, I’ve got my own list of the most “obsolete” items of the past few decades:

    1. Daguerrotype
    2. Linseed Oil
    3. Metronome
    4. Hair Grease
    5. Telegraph Pole
    6. Abacus
    7. Handlebar Mustache Wax
    8. Automatic Corset
    9. Gatling Gun
    10. Headclamp

    Good riddance to all of them, I say!

  2. victor the crab Says:

    When you sold yourself out to the Fox News propoganda machine for all those millions, you practically made yourself quite dumb, Gretchen.

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