Ainz That a Shame!

For Ainsley Earhardt fans, the Ainz cups were only 2/3 full today. Subbing for Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota for the second time in eight days, a ringless Ainsley returned tanned, toned, and apt to tantalize. Clad in her short red dress with a bosom-baring cut, she seemed more than ready to try to reclaim her throne.

Unfortunately, for Ainsley, the stars this early morn were not favorably aligned for her. After America’s star, President Obama, was unduly drawn by the Berlusconi bent to the G-8 Brazilian “booty,” he forthwith gave his full attention to the Ghana Parliament today. As a result, F&FW devoted about an hour to the speech sans Ainsley: thus, Ainsley and her ardent acolytes were deprived of that portion of their appointed time together this morning.

Weep not, Ainsley votaries. It appears that your goddess has found a more welcome reception from FNC programming veep Bill Shine as of late. If so, your beloved should adorn F&FW’s curvy couch more oft in the future.

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4 Responses to “Ainz That a Shame!”

  1. Mary Says:

    Let us all hope Alisyn returns tomorrow. The three that were on today, just do NOT do F & F any favors. Anisley Airhead is just not ready for prime time yet. Surely they can get someone with more experience than her to fill in. I hope they do not get Britney (Courtney) Friel either. Come on Fox wake up…………!!!!

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