Maria Molina: Shades of Domenica?

Fox & Friends guest meteorologist Maria Molina heated up the F&F set yesterday on a frigid New York City morn. Before she did so, substitute co-anchor Clayton Morris showed co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Brian Kilmeade a personal iPhone photo that he had taken of some NYC street snow drifts. Subsequently, segueing to Maria, Brian racily queried, “Hey, Maria, do have anything, any pictures to show us?*

As Clayton chuckled and added, “You’re so beautiful,” a smoldering Maria ducked her head and pursed her lips. Arching her eyebrows at Brian, she purred, “What do you mean?” Interjecting, Clayton teased, “Those aren’t for air?” As Aly closed her eyes and shook her head at Clayton’s risque remark, Brian guffawed, “I’m sorry. I forgot.” Gamely, Maria pointed at the weather screen and laughed, “I have this picture right here!”

Fox & Friends fans, Maria finally found her mellifluous voice.

[Author’s aside: Re this article’s rubric, Domenica Davis was the Italian delight that Maria replaced as a FNC meteorologist. For examples of Domenica’s saucy side, cf. Carpe Diem’sDomenica’s Peeping Dave,” “Domenica: Skirts Up Forecast,” and “‘Naughty’ Domenica Wants a Spanking.”]

*Fox & Friends – 12/27/10 (@ 6:32 a.m. ET)

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6 Responses to “Maria Molina: Shades of Domenica?”

  1. Aimeslee Says:

    omg, I was watching her yesterday thinking her voice was a dead-ringer for Domenica’s, like could they have gotten a better copy? xoxo

  2. Purpleslog Says:

    Different Topic: Is Huddy gone from Fox? She seems AWOL.

  3. motownman Says:

    Maria really is a pale imitation of Domenica. Fox made a big mistake in letting her go.

  4. jakeho Says:

    Purpleslog, as to Juliet, on Christmas Eve, she Tweeted, “Working thru NYEve and the new year – just taking long break to see pops and the west coast after 3 years away!


  5. Purpleslog Says:

    Good to hear!

  6. Maria Molina: Cosmo’s Caliente Latina! « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] co-host Dave Briggs) approximately two years ago. Not to mention, CD subsequently reported on the smoldering Maria’s heating up of the Fox & Friends weekday version as well (sans photos for co-anchor Brian Kilmeade) Whether […]

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