Kiran’s Key to Happiness: “Sex”?

“Intercourse….Do you want me to say it in another way?” American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry shared “The Key to Happiness” with guest co-anchor T.J. Holmes last Friday. And, T.J. was only too happy to hear it. In fact, he was rather eager for Kiran to elaborate.

After a morning of flirting with T.J., a purported favorite to be a future permanent co-host of the newly revamped American Morning, Kiran added a little extra spice to their penultimate segment together. Reading the last story, Kiran declared, “If you’re looking for the keys to happiness, pay close attention to this story.” Nodding his head, T.J. mouthed, “Yes, I am.” Subsequently, looking back at T.J. continuously, Kiran continued, “According to new research, the more focused a person is, the happier he or she is. Researchers at Harvard say that those whose minds tend to wander feel less happy.” Turning again to T.J. suggestively, Kiran added, “The task that people had the least trouble focusing on was–sex.”

Looking into Kiran’s eyes, T.J. rakishly queried, “Was what?” Returning his gaze, Kiran chuckled, “Intercourse.” Flushed and beaming, T.J. began to read out of the block, stating, “It’s fifty-five minutes past the hour.” Still, looking steadfastly at T.J. and caressing her hair, Kiran racily remarked, “I mean, what, do you want me to say it in another way?”

Flustered, T.J. replied, “You just got really.” Interrupting himself and addressing the AM audience, T.J. said, “Okay, We’re, we’re gonna take a break. Fifty-five minutes past the hour: we’ll be right back.”

Then, as T.J. turned to Kiran and goatishly grinned, Kiran demurely ducked her head, smiled broadly, and coyly averted his gaze.

Sex: The real key to A.M. happiness?

*American Morning – 12/17/10 (@ 8:55 a.m. ET)

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One Response to “Kiran’s Key to Happiness: “Sex”?”

  1. Kep Says:

    I read somewhere that Kiran is a Christian. Really? Do devout Christians constantly have their minds in the gutter? Do they promote abominations such as homosexuality and abortion? Something tells me Ms. Chetry hasn’t read her Bible very carefully.

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