Kiran Takes Her Hubby To Work Today! Sssh!

Fox & Friends Weekend Revisited! Today American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry’s hubby, Chris Knowles, appeared thrice as CNN’s brand new meteorologist on AM with Kiran. Strangely, neither acknowledged their relationship to the AM audience. For the author, who is a long-time Fox & Friends viewer, it was a case of deja vu: I.e., Kiran and Chris similarly kept their marriage secret when they worked together on CNN rival FNC’s morning cable news show initially.

Seemingly, Kiran may have smoothed the way for hubby Chris during any of her negotiations with CNN chief Ken Jautz as he seemingly revamps his cable news morning program AM around her. Since her failed 2007 contract negotiations with Fox News probably precipitated Chris’ own departure from FNC and his consequent sojourn to his personal Moab as a parochial NYC WPIX weekend weatherman, Chris’ “power wife” probably has felt a tinge of guilt at his fate. After Chris was unceremoniously sacked in October, Kiran must now be especially elated to have been able to aid his return to national prominence at CNN, her “gold standard.”

Welcome, Chris! And, watch yourself, TJ!

Update 1:’s Fishbowl reported, “It’s uncertain whether this was a one-time appearance for Knowles or if he was auditioning for a larger role at CNN.” In its own update, Fishbowl adds, “Knowles tell FishbowlNY that he also was scheduled to do live weather updates at 10:30 and 11 a.m. this morning.”

Author’s remarks: Actually, Chris Knowles appeared thrice on AM (6:06 a.m. ET, 7:05 a.m. ET; and 8:01 a.m. ET) with his CNN microphone. In his third AM appearance, Kiran introduced Chris saying, “Our Chris Knowles, meteorologist.” Unless “our” suggests a CNN/Client 9 relationship, Chris is more than a one-day stand.

Update 2: Chris returned the next day Wednesday on AM. However, he was referred to as “meteorologist Chris Knowles.” The “our” was absent this time: However, Kiran seemed to begin to say “our” but stopped abruptly (@ 6:27 a.m. ET).

Update 3: According to a trusted source, Chris is uncertain of his CNN future but hopes that his stint pans out into a permanent position.

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6 Responses to “Kiran Takes Her Hubby To Work Today! Sssh!”

  1. less Kiran Says:

    one more reason to stop wathcing American Morning.

  2. less Kiran Says:

    let me correct that…….
    one more reason to stop watching American Morning.

  3. Kep Says:

    Just how is it that Kiran Chetry keeps getting her husband a job at the same place that she works? Hmmm, makes one wonder. I mean, Knowles is an average talent who looks like he’s gained a few pounds since his days at FNC. Certainly no Rob Marciano.

    I wonder what Kiran’s secret is?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for clearing that up..Yesterday Rob Marciano was reporting from Stamford, CT where he’s apparently visiting family. Today it’s Chris Knowles reporting from somewhere in New Jersey? Does this mean Marciano is on his way out? He’s probably stranded in the suburbs and freaking out while Jacqui Jeras and Chad Myers jockey for his job in the ATL – now this. LOL!

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