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Buttery Nipples Gone

November 1, 2018

But not the drinks. In a humorous apparently politically correct decision, Land O’Lakes decided to “udderly” change the face of their butter (new look). Their erstwhile iconic comely American Indian maiden’s photo was altered for apparently politically “appropriate” purposes.

Instead of the nubile Native American beauty’s photo of her holding a pound of butter in front of her breasts and her showing her bare knees at the end of her short skirt with distinctly apparent breast with nipple aspects, there is now a close-up of her face. For those who are ignorant of this seeming tease, if one simply cuts out the knees and places them where the pound of butter was in front of her breasts, it appears to be a naughty nod to the guy and gal who formerly bought their tempting product.

It will be interesting to see how the product sells now. Perchance, it will depend on the guy or gal who buys the once seemingly salaciously packaged product. Of course, sex sells–and, we shall see as to the Land O’Lakes lady’s butter.

[Author’s aside: Apparently, “official” explanation link:

Obama (Ba)Rocks Hillary

February 20, 2008

The black avatar of JFK cleaned the clock of the erstwhile inevitable Democratic nominee yesterday. Obama stunned Hillary as he took Wisconsin by 17 percentage points and Hawaii by 51 percentage points. Obama continued his running of the table with ten consecutive primary/caucus wins after Super Tuesday. He has closed the Texas race and continues to tighten the Ohio one. James Carville, Clinton friend extraordinaire and CNN pundit, said that Hillary has to win Texas and/or Ohio or the race is over. Bill Kristol of the NYT added that she must win both to continue. Surprisingly, Bill Clinton agreed in an appearance in TX. Hillary looks desperate as stories surface that her campaign is trying to not only woo superdelegates but Obama-pledged delegates. Will her March 4 firewalls in TX and OH go up in flames like her fellow New Yorker Rudy’s did in FL or will she be the Comeback Clinton II?