Five’s Beckel Unhinged: [Medgar] Evers “Turncoat”

Oops! Bob bizarrely loses his civil rights mantle cred. Today, the proud self-proclaimed son of a “liberal who went into the South and was arrested 57 times in the civil rights movement registering blacks” and who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., evidenced an appalling lack of knowledge when it came to a pivotal chapter in the nations history. During a segment on black Louisiana state senator Elbert Guillory who changed from the Democratic party to the GOP, Beckel tried to impugn him by trying to recall another black Louisiana “turncoat.” Unfortunately, for Bob, it backfired on him, his co-hosts, and The Five.

In the Five block moderated by co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle,* Bob tried to push-back when his more conservative co-hosts, Kimberly, Eric Bolling, and Greg Gutfeld appeared to defend Guillory’s decision. Looking down, Beckel declared, “Louisiana has had a long history–and I wish [that] I could remember the name of this guy whose brother was a very well known civil rights activist who was I think a Congressman. And, this guy converted to the Republican Party because he was paid to convert to the Republican Party to sift off the votes from the Democrats.”

After further discussion with his conservative co-hosts (including Dana Perino) of Guillory, Bob errantly announced, “I just remembered the name of the guy who was, his brother became a turncoat.”

Derisively, Kimberly enjoined, “[‘C]ause the control room gave it to you in your ear?”

Struggling mightily, Bob stammered, “Megan, Meg, Megan, Malcolm Evers’ brother, Charles Evers’ brother, Malcolm…got, got paid money to go on the Republican Party to sift off votes the Democrat.”

To make matters even worse, when Greg asked, “Were you bringing, why, to denigrate this man’s brave,” Bob declared, “I didn’t deny what this guy’s, what he was saying but Louisiana has a history of doing this. They have a history of doing it!”

Unfortunately, Bob’s bluster ruled the day on the Five. Perhaps, just as embarrassing or even more so, none of his co-anchors nor F&F‘s vaunted control room challenged his addled version of the civil rights struggle–in Mississippi!

Clearly, a muddled Bob was referring to the Mississippi civil rights martyr Medgar Evers and his activist older brother Charles Evers. It was Medgar who died at the hands of Byron Beckwith for the cause in June 11, 1963, and Charles who took his place as field secretary of the MS NAACP. Subsequently, Charles became the mayor of Fayette in 1963 (and the NAACP’s “Man of the Year”); a gubernatorial candidate; a U.S. Senate candidate: And, in 1989, Charles switched his allegiance to the GOP.

Today in Bob’s world, Louisiana and Mississippi looked alike: “Megan” Evers, “Malcolm” Evers, Charles Evers, Medgar Evers were all one and the same, too. Not quite the civil rights account of which Bob’s Dad would be rightly proud. Nor should Bob, his co-hosts, or The Five suits.

*The Five – 06/19/13 (@ 5:38 p.m. ET)

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4 Responses to “Five’s Beckel Unhinged: [Medgar] Evers “Turncoat””

  1. Michael T. (@SunDevil1972) Says:

    This piece was difficult to follow, not unlike Bob Beckel’s recitation of civil rights politics from the 1960s.

    Am I correct to assume this article’s main complaint was that Beckel got the state wrong (LA vs. MS)?

    Surely I must be mistaken given how minor this is.

  2. jakeho Says:

    Michael, Beckel got it all wrong: Medgar Evers was the civil rights martyr (not Megan nor Malcolm); Charles Evers was Beckel’s purported “turncoat,” not Medgar; and the two brothers were from MS, not LA. To boot, neither Medgar nor Charles were a Congressman.

    For a brief primer on who Medgar and Charles Evers were, cf. the link as follows:

  3. hgb3 Says:

    Good Clarion Ledger article, JK: Charles Evers was always a true maverick who did and said things “as he saw them.” To this day, I always associate the little Jefferson county town of Fayette (where I worked for the Census Bureau in the summer of ’89) with Evers.

  4. Jenny Says:

    Bob’s civil right claims are BS. That is why he didn’t know the man’s name, or the state he was from.

    Liberals have very limited resume’s so they invent stories to make themselves more important.

    Bob has said over and over his Dad was a drunk and a drug addict and Bob followed in his foot steps. So I think this whole “civil rights” marching was just another story from a drunk.

    BTW, Bob has a BA (fine arts) and his claim to fame is he managed Mondales failed presidential campaign who only was able to secure ONE electoral college vote.

    Bob is a drunk now and anyone who thinks this man isn’t using now is a moron. Fox News are idiots for having this “law suit in the making” to even be working for them.

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