Aly’s RESOLVE: Back to NBC

To where she once belonged? Perhaps. Wednesday Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Alisyn Camerota excitedly promoted her upcoming infertility awareness interview–not on her current network, FNC, but on her old one, NBC. She Tweeted, “I’ll be on the @todayshow tomorrow at 8:08 am about my volunteer work with an infertility support group and my own story. Hope you tune in!” [N.B. Aly has since deleted this seemingly verboten Tweet made at “10:10 AM Feb 24 by web” but it is available as a true Twitter Retweet here.]

Somewhat surprised by Aly’s future appearance on another network, the author quickly and playfully Tweeted back, “What channel is that on, Aly? ;-) Will u also be talking about ur infertility support group work & ur personal story on F&F, too?”  Aly did not respond.

Nevertheless, Aly made sure that her Twitter followers, including the author, did not miss her interview on the Today Show Thursday. Soon after her appearance on the program, she excitedly Tweeted, “Here’s a clip from my @todayshow appearance this morning!” Only forty minutes later, she linked to a related article that she had penned for Today’s Moms entitled, “Alisyn Camerota: Why I’m speaking out about my struggled with fertility.” However, this weekend, on her own morning news show (Fox & Friends Weekend), Alisyn strangely did not even mention her infertility awareness cause nor her NBC special appearance to tout it.

Or was it so strange? This February does mark the thirteen anniversary  of Aly at Fox News after working at NBC (WHDH-TV Boston). Perhaps, her contract is about to run out and she is considering a return to the Peacock Network. Not too mention, FNC Senior Veep of Programming Bill Shine may have been doing a Fox & Friends Weekend audition with two different gals, Dana Perino and Molly Line, substituting for Aly only last weekend.

Stay tuned. But, to what channel? Both.

[Author’s aside: Re “RESOLVE” in the rubric of this article, Aly serves as a volunteer for RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. In fact, last year, Aly was a RESOLVE Peer-Led Support Group Leader and the Mistress of Ceremonies at RESOLVE’s 2010 Night of Hope Gala award show.

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3 Responses to “Aly’s RESOLVE: Back to NBC”

  1. Aimeslee Says:

    No, that sucks. Today was banned in our home ages ago due to severe reactions on our part to Chronic Couric Cuteness (as is the ban on CBS news as well these days). While I have always liked Meredith, it’s the principal of the thing and bad bad memories. I should just start learning not to get attached to any tv person…beginning that right now!

  2. SandySays1 Says:

    TV personalities are like fleas, life is best when lived without them.

  3. someone Says:

    It’s September and look who’s still at FOX?! I would suggest that the (so called) person behind this blog refrain from making assumptions about other people’s lives and positions in the media world and rather focus on much more pressing concerns in your life and in the world. Alisyn may be a public figure but as one of the few TV news personalities who is a genuinely honest and good person, there’s no need to create controversy out of nothing. If an anchor wants to promote a cause, they go on ANY network (Giuliana Ransik with E! network has been on ABC, NBC, E and many others speaking about infertility). I’m guessing you’re not so passionate about any life changing causes or you would understand the need to speak on any platform. Go find one, volunteer and maybe you won’t find the need to gossip so much.

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