Roberts-Phillips’ Engagement: Off?

Roberts: “No plan for a wedding.” Is the thrill gone for FNC’s brand new senior national correspondent John Roberts and his “fiancee” CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillps? It certainly seems so. Today, the Huffington Post reported that “Roberts says he doesn’t call Phillips his fiancee and that they have no real plans to get married anytime soon.” Interestingly, around the same time that article posted (10:22 a.m.) during her program CNN Newsroom, Phillips Tweeted, “A columnist has 6 possible reasons why single ladies aren’t married… it’s harsh & we’re talkin’ bout it in 10 mins.”

Only ten months ago to the day, TVNewser announced the engagement of Roberts and Phillips. It reported how a romantic Roberts had proposed on bended knee during a round of golf on the final hole at Greenbriar Resort (West Virginia). Accompanying the article was a photo of the happy couple posing on that 18th green with champagne glasses in hand as Phillips joyfully sported her new engagement ring.

Today, the Huffington Post seemed to suggest a shift in Robert’s and Phillips’ status. In a phone call yesterday with HuffPo, Roberts discussed his relationship with Phillips (among other topics, e.g., Fox News, CNN, and Roger Ailes). As to Phillips and himself, Roberts revealed, “No plan for a wedding.” Elaborating, he declared, “I call her my wife, she refers to me as her husband….[A]t our age, fiancee just doesn’t sound right.” Perhaps, portentously, he added, “And, when you call somebody your sweetheart, eventually that gets old as well.” Nevertheless, Roberts said that he does expect that they’ll get married “at some point.”

While Roberts and Phillips’ “engagement” may seem tenuous at best, they do have a certain and concrete connection. I.e., while Phillips may not be Roberts’ wife anytime soon, she is the expectant mother of their twins. They are due March 21.

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4 Responses to “Roberts-Phillips’ Engagement: Off?”

  1. Aimeslee Says:

    I think I may understand a teeny bit where they are coming from here. I was 31 when I married (first and only time), and to a 35 y.o. We were hitched at the JP with a reception thrown by my employer. It was perfect. At that age, the white dress, church wedding, 14 bridesmaids, all of that fantasy was more of a nightmare to me. We are celebrating 24 years in May. Those two cannot be that low-key as they are media celebrities, but hey, I’m betting that in their heart of hearts, they would love to do something similar to what we did, and then just get on with life. So, doing nothing seems more sensical. xoxo

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