Spitzer’s “Arena”: E.D.’s Debut

Out with the CNN wife: in with the FNC fox. Former Parker Spitzer anchor Eliot Spitzer debuted his new show, In the Arena, last night on CNN. And, make no mistake, it is his show no matter what CNN exec VP Ken Jautz might say. Finally, free of his conservative complaining tv spouse, Kathleen Parker, the old peacock was free to roam at will on his range and show his tail feathers to a saucier, prettier peahen, E. D. Hill.

From the very start, Spitzer marked his territory as he began his show, briefly introducing Jautz “ensemble” members, E.D. Hill (former long-time FNC anchor) and Will Cain (conservative pundit/blogger) as “two friends of the show [that] will be joining me as regulars in the “Arena.” After giving his Arena friends face time for about ten seconds, Spitzer flied solo until the bottom of the hour as he focused on the Libyan crisis (with interviews of the Libyan deputy ambassador, a CNN Tripoli correspondent, and GPS anchor Fareed Zakaria). Then, after stopping for about five minutes to share his time with Cain for a segment with Tea Party Prez fave, Herman Cane, Spitzer started anew on an twenty-minute marathon on another Mideast crisis, the Iranian problem. Finally, in the last ten minutes, did Spitzer allow the first female of the night, his new beautiful blonde, to have her say–on the partisan Wisconsin budget battle. And, then she had to share her time with the boyish Cain to boot.

In the Arena last night: where Spitzer and the boys had their say. And, finally, a good girl got to play.

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6 Responses to “Spitzer’s “Arena”: E.D.’s Debut”

  1. Aimeslee Says:

    I never watched P-S before until I happened to catch it and so I did see the final show. Parker was as I’d read, wooden and boring, although perhaps she was a little angry too because of being dropped. I will say however that her interview of Rand Paul was quite good, without contention and just talking about the issues. God knows we need MORE of that. I sort of see Spitzer as CNN’s version of a Beck (a personality that attracts controversy…and loyal following), so he has to have someone else to do the real interviewing when it needs to be unemotional. Parker was always billed as an equal, so we will see if Spitzer can develop what he needs to as the official top dog.

  2. CathyG Says:

    I’ve missed E.D. and am delighted she’s back so although generally a Fox person will now be tuning in to CNN on a more regular basis.

  3. Joe Says:

    If Spitzer would shut up and let some of the others talk, his program would be better. And E D Hill is a gift to him! She could save that show. Loved her on Fox and will check in now and then to see how old Elliot’s treating her.

  4. Dave Says:

    Kinda feel bad for E.D. Hill. I’ve always liked her and thought Fox treated her shabbily. I hope she gets the chance to make that show watchable, but I still think Spitzer has no business being on TV.

  5. SP Says:

    Elliot needs to drop those two clowns orbiting him. They make the show look so cheap, and thrashy.

    The woman is dumb as @#$t, and the kid just shadows her ditzy self! Both of these idiots are just a pack of dopes.

  6. E.D. Hill – Blazes Back « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] since in the news media (save for appearances such as a guest co-host on ABC’s The View and a regular on CNN’s short-lived In the Arena). Perhaps, E.D. will found her real second chance and a new conservative home at TheBlaze, the […]

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